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Fanfiction > The "fan phenomena" of the Space Quest Community is old and complex. Whether it's a story, an image or a video, fans have been writing fanfiction since the first fanpage appeared online.

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The Fan Phenomena
A fanfiction webring described the fan phenomena like this: "It is a sad but simple fact that there isn't very much good fanfiction out there. Most stories are sloppily written, organizationally deficient and utterly stuck in cliché - sometimes to the point of confusing the original series facts with "fanon" (ideas that have appeared in fanfiction so often that they are generally accepted as having come from the original series). In other words, to put it bluntly... it's crap." Personally, I couldn't agree more. Sadly, this also applies to Space Quest which has quite a few fans who are interested in writting fanfiction. It must be said that people write fanfiction out of love for the Series, but that quite a few of them forget that it takes talent to write good fanfiction...

Since fanfiction is a huge part of the Space Quest Community and important in both its past and future, SpaceQuest.Net doesn't want to ignore the fan phenomena. That's why I choose to run the best fanfiction only.



- Space Quest -1: Decision of the Elders
- Space Quest II VGA Remake
- Vohaul Strikes Back. Link to their website: Vohaul Strikes Back
- Space Quest Incinerations
- Space Quest The Lost Chapter
- Space Quest 0: Replicated

Unfinished/Demo/Fanart Fangames

- Space Quest III 3D

Cancelled Fangames

- Space Quest 7. Link to their website: Space Quest 7
- Vohaul's Mines



- The Arcada: Before the Attack
- The Orium Mines
- Monolith Burger re-visited
- The Vohaul Bubble
- A Tribute to Pelvis Brelsford



- Scott Murphy: Wanted dead or alive
- Images submitted by fans
- Remake images Space Quest 2



- A flash animation teaser for Space Quest 2 (144 KB)


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