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Vohaul Strikes Back > Here you can find information about the upcoming Vohaul Strikes Back fangame.

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Vohaul Strikes Back - Basic Plot

With Space Quest 7 behind his back, Roger Wilco needs a little break, so he and his true love, ambassador Beatrice Wankmeister, decide to spend some quality time on the most romantic planet in the known universe - Romanticon 7. As they are in the middle of a lovely meal at Pie-ery, the only restaurant where every single meal is made of pie, they get interrupted by an apeman. Using sophisticated interrogation methods involving a banana, they find out that the apeman was sent by Vohaul in order to capture Roger. But wait, isn't Vohaul dead? Only physically. A pair of apemen rummaging through the fortress ruins shortly after Space Quest 12 found the disk with Vohaul's mind on it and brought it back to the Space Quest 7 era. With the help of that disk, they resurrected Vohaul in the form of a sentient robot. Before the apeman draws his final breath, they also realise that capturing Roger was only necessary in order to prevent him from ruining a much larger evil plot by Vohaul which, if successful, would once again result in the destruction of the entire universe. Naturally, being the only one to know about it, Roger must now defeat his arch-nemesis once again. And so, his next adventure begins...


Vohaul Strikes Back - Screenshots

Screenshot 1 - Screenshot 2 - Screenshot 3 - Screenshot 4 - Screenshot 5 - Beatrice Animation

More information and up to date status releases may be found at their website:


Vohaul Strikes Back - Status Report January 4, 2005

After several months of the character art department standing still (the reasons for which are explained below), we've finally got things off the ground again. We've chosen a relatively simple style for the characters, which would allow us to recruit more artists in addition to the two we already have (Justas and Tiki). We're going to use Macromedia Flash to create 2D sprites and animations, examples of which can be seen on our website (or here and here). If you think you (or somebody you know) could create similar animations and is willing to work for free, let us know! You can contact us via our forum.

OVERALL - Work on the game has still been proceeding as usual. A bit slower since September as most of the team still attends a school or a college, but at least the development has been steady and there are no signs of even the slightest thought of cancelling the project. The main reason for which being Marty's backgrounds which would be impossible to simply throw away, due to their infinite awesomeness.

CHARACTER SPRITES - In the previous status report, we noted that Kain took some time off after several conflicts in the team. However, he managed to disappear completely once again and we haven't seen him around for half a year, so we've decided to remove him from the team line-up. It wasn't an easy decision as all the character model files were only on his computer, so our only choice was to start from scratch. Later, Tiki joined the team as the new character artist, but he turned out to be quite busy with other projects. So it soon became clear that he can't do all the work alone and the only way to go is to choose a simple style and try to recruit more artists to reduce individual workload. The new style was developed by Justas, who is now also one of the character artists.

WRITING - Writing is coming along quite nicely. We've made a lot of progress, come up with new ideas and figured out many problems. The team was expanded once again as Karmot, a fellow Estonian, offered his services as a puzzle creation assistant after having noticed an interview with the VSB team that was published at JustAdventure in early December.

BACKGROUNDS - Apart from what I've said in the overall section, there's not much to add. Marty is still popping out new backgrounds and touching up / editing older ones wherever necessary. Despite him claiming himself to be lazy, he actually tends to be always way ahead in the schedule, compared to the rest of us.

Vohaul Strikes Back Fangame Screenshot

MUSIC AND CODING - We haven't had much progress in these areas, but they're mainly scheduled for later phases of the development anyway. MusicallyInspired has returned after a long absence and will be continuing his work. BlueMax has sorted out his software problems and should also be able to begin composing soon. We haven't started with coding yet, as character sprites are necessary to make any demos and we haven't had any of those for a long time.


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