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Space Quest 3 Story > The Two Guys from Andromeda have disappeared into thin oxygen and it could mean the end of Roger and his adventures once and for all. Help him discover who is behind the mastermind plot.

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Space Quest 3 Story
Roger is laying undisturbed in the sleepchamber of his escape pod after his second Space Quest adventure. His path crosses a robotic freighter, which has no regard for life forms. The pod is taken onboard, considered nothing more but a piece of trash. After the pod is dumped in the freighter, Roger wakes up, ready for his third adventure.

He soon realizes that staying in this freighter won't help him. And please note that this is a deep thought for Roger! Anyway, after wandering around a little bit he finds a ship, the Aluminum Mallard, which he manages to repair. I'm sure he thought this was it, and Space Quest 3 was already over... Well, we just have to disappoint you Roger. Sorry!

Roger decides to land on a desert planet called Phleebhut (nobody knows why, that guy really is an egghead). And problems are just a stone-throw away. He bumps into Arnoid the Terminator Annihilator droid from hell. You do remember the "free" Labion Terror Beast Whistle don't you? And what about that slot machine Roger broke in Space Quest 1? Well, Arnoid (representing the Gippazoid Novelty Company) is here to settle things right. Roger somehow managed to destroy the droid (yeah, dumb luck I bet) and got off the planet in one piece.

The Aluminum Mallard"How am I to save the universe without a full stomach?" Roger thinks by himself. So, our former janitor stops at Monolith Burger to buy himself that special Big Belcher Combo and Monolith Fun meal (with prize)... Just then, his empty glassy eyes fall on something of the up most importance. "No, you don't say! The new and improved Astro Chicken Arcade Game from ScumSoft!" After playing it for several hours, he manage to beat it and accidentally stumbles on an encrypted help message from his creators Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe (AKA: Those Two Guys from Andromeda). It is all up to Roger to rescue them from a fate worse than death: churning out mindless arcade games for a disreputable software company known as ScumSoft (makers of such flops as Stuntflogger, Aquatron, ScumWord and let's not forget about their biggest flop, WinBlows ME). In the absence of a ransom request or death threats, that could be difficult for Roger (after all, he isn't the brightest of all guys). Attempts to contact company president Elmo Pug proved to be futile, as the location of ScumSoft is shrouded in secrecy. Looks like Roger has his hands full this time.


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