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Space Quest 3 Spoofs and References > Space Quest 3 has some cool spoofs (make a parody of something) and references. I've listed them below.

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Space Quest 3 Spoofs and References
The name of Space Quest 3: “The Pirates of Pestulon” has a remarkable similarity to the name of a famous Gilbert and Sulivan comical musical entitled “The Pirates of Penzance.”

Arnoid the Annihilator droid is, of course, a reference to the Terminator as seen in the Terminator movies.

Roger Wilco's case number with the Gippazoid Novelty Company is: "OU812" (as reflected in Arnoid's glasses). This is the name of a Van Halen Album that was released in 1988.

The ships in the junk freighter are spoofs on some well recognized ships from tv shows and Sci-fi movies.
- TIE-fighter from Star Wars, being described as a bow-tie fighter from the "cologne-wars" (the original movies mentions the "clone wars").
- The ship Jupiter 2 is the spaceship from the old "Lost in Space" series.
- The crumpled classic style rocket, built by the ACME company is a reference to Warner Bros' classic Road Runner cartoons.
- In the same chamber as the Aluminum Mallard is a small round spacecraft. When you look at it, the reply reads “Some writing on its exterior reads “For a good time, don’t call HAL.” The small ship is the EVA pod featured in Stanley Kubrick’s classic “2001: A Space Odyssey.” Hal is the mad computer that kills the crew in the same movie.
- In the same chamber as the Aluminum Mallard, prominently displayed are Tinkertoys and Legos, both classic children’s toys. If you look at them, you get the following reply, “They look like remnants of an orbital space station or perhaps some type of toys for an over-sized child."

Enter the room with the Aluminum Mallard. You'll notice a round white pod in the left part of the screen. This is clearly the EVA pod from Stanley Kubrick's 2001. if you type "look shuttle" the game will output: "For a good time don´t call HAL." HAL is of course the name of the computer in Kubrick's 2001. Or, the game will output "Bowman was here". Mr. Bowman was part of the production team of Star Trek: TNG.

Most of the planets (with the exception of Earth) in SQ3 are spoofs of one sort or another.
- Phleebhut: if said right, it sounds like “Flea butt”
- Ortega is a popular American brand of Mexican style food products, usually featuring hot peppers. Ortega has been around a long time (100 years), and since it's a company based in the American West, specifically in California (where Sierra was based), the Two Guys would have been familiar with them, and likely even eaten their products.
- Pestulon may or may not be a play on the word "pestilence," meaning "A pernicious, evil influence or agent.”

The postcards in Fester Blatz’ World O’ Wonders have several spoofs.
- The Arrakis postcard: Arrakis is the planet from the movie "Dune" with all the valuable spice and annoying sandworms.
- The Achoron postcard: Acheron is the planet where most of the action takes place in Ridley Scott’s classic Sci-fi thrillers “Alien” and “Aliens.” In SQ3, the Two guys misspelled the name of “Acheron” as “Achoron.” The creature around the neck of the guy in the image is the infamous facehugger creature from those movies.
- The Beta Alpha Starless Region: This may or may not be an obscure astronomy joke. Under astronomy star naming rules, the brightest stars in a constellation are given Greek letter names in order of brightness. Alpha and beta stars would be the brightest. So, a starless region named Beta Alpha would be a contradiction in terms.

Monolith Burger, with it’s giant yellow "M" on a red background, and it’s “fun meals” is a spoof on the giant fast food chain McDonalds.

When you first fly in to visit Monolith Burger, a white ship streaks away from the station. It is the Starship USS Enterprise from the Sci-fi Television series “Star Trek.”

The Astro Chicken song wasn't written by anyone at Sierra. It's from a Disney cartoon from the 30's called "Birds of a feather". The cartoon features a chicken, so the song probably has some connection.

Astro Chicken might be spoofing the classic cartoon series of the 50’s and 60’s entitled “Astroboy.” Astroboy was a Japanese cartoon imported to the States in the 60's. It was wildly popular, and certainly would have been familiar to the Two Guys who would have been kids back in the 60's when it was on the air. Astro Chicken seems to be a likely goofy spoof.

When Roger goes up the shield generator to blow it up and drops the detonator, the entire scene plays similar to a scene on a volcano in Leisure Suit Larry 2. Both games had a similar sequence. In LSL2, you climb a volcano and drop a bomb made of hairspray down the crater to stop a mad scientist. In SQ3, you drop a thermal detonator down the crater of a shield generator to stop a mad software CEO. These two games were made at the exact same time and released the same year.

The Thermal Detonator that Roger uses to blow up the shield generator is a direct reference to the device a disguised Princess Leia used to threaten Jabba the Hutt in the very beginning of “Star Wars: Return of the Jedi”.

The software company Scumsoft is a parody on Microsoft and on the game engine Lucasarts used, called SCUMM. Further more, Elmo Pug seems to bear a striking resemblance to Microsoft CEO Bill Gates.

Rock 'em Sock 'emThe Nukem Dukem fighting robots is a play on the old children’s toy from Mattel, “Rock ‘em Sock ‘em Robots.” The toy, which debuted in 1966, consists of two robots of differing colors that stand in a boxing ring. Two people can play against each other in attempt to knock each other’s robot heads off. The robots are NOT a play on the Duke Nukem game series, as the first game in that series debuted in 1991.

The Aluminum Mallard is a spoof on the Millenium Falcon from Star Wars.

When in battle, and when seen taking off from Ortega, the Skull Fighter looks remarkably like an X-wing from Star Wars. Both ships have 4 wings that spread in an X shape.


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