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Space Quest 3 Demos > This page offers three awesome demonstrations of Space Quest 3. Do check out the unique promotional videos!

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Space Quest 3 Demos
Kid playing Space Quest 3 The Pirates of PestulonSierra never released a (non) playable demo for Space Quest 3 in the form of a DOS program. Well, not about the actual game anyway. They did release a stand-alone version of the popular Astro Chicken arcade game. Anyway, to promote their hottest new games, Sierra released promotional VHS videos, which were distributed all over the country. Space Quest 3 was one two different tapes, namely the 1988 issue and the 1989-1990 issue. The material is extremely funny and may be hazardous to those who have heart problems or suffer from chronic depressions.

Astro Chicken (204 KB)
Try the sturdy Astro Chicken arcade game by ScumSoft! This is a standalone DOS game is actually the original demo for Space Quest 3, which was available for download at the Sierra BBS. To play simply type "play".


Space Quest 3 Promo Video (ZIP archive of 7.1 MB containing a QuickTime file.)
Space Quest 3 Promo VideoA cool presentation of Space Quest 3, featuring the real Two Guys from Andromeda. This is a digitalized excerpt of the Sierra On-Line Video Catalog VHS tape from 1988. The promotial video shows the Two Guys battling their ways through the old Sierra offices and end up captured in a Scumsoft basement playing the all-new Chicken Quest. A funfact: the animations you see from the game are from a very early beta version; the game was far from complete when the promo movie was released. Evidence of this is found throughout the video.

Movie properties: MPEG-1, Muxed, 320 X 240 pixels.
Duration: 1 minutes and 51 seconds.


Space Quest 3 At the Cinematron (ZIP archive of 11.5 MB containing a QuickTime file.)
At the CinematronSierra On-Line presents: "At the Cinematron". Hosted by Fudzz Sisbot and Geek Ezerd, software reviewers of the Daily Andromeda.
The movie originally appeared on the Sierra On-Line Video Catalog 1989-1990. It shows Fudzz Sisbot and Geek Ezerk (software reviewers of the Daily Andromeda) reviewing Space Quest 3 in a hilarious setting.

Movie properties: Sorenson Video 3, 320 X 240, Million colours.
Sound properties: stereo 32kHz.
Duration: 3 minutes and 18 seconds.


All original content (c) 2018 Brandon Blume & Troels Pleimert. All Space Quest related material (c) by Sierra Entertainment.