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Space Quest 3 Ships > This page offers a description of the most important space ships in Space Quest 3. Please keep in mind that you might not want to see the information below if you're new to the game.

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The Garbage Freighter
The Garbage FreighterThis freighter is flying through numerous sectors to clean up space junk. It is a completely automated vessel controlled by robots. Roger crossed the path of such a freighter. His space ship was considered a piece of junk and was taken aboard. Guess the robots onboard no regards for organic life forms.
An interesting note: The ship's main power comes from two X29ION below-warp mark 7 engines: the strongest ever created.

Arnoid's Ship
Arnoid's ShipWhen you look at Arnoid, you see a strong metal bastard. But he sure has some style! Look at his ship! It must be able to run at warp 9.... The ship still resides somewhere on the surface of Phleebhut... No wait... Fester! He must have found it. I've heard from a very disputed source that he sold it to StarCon. Fester knows how to make a buckazoid out of anything!

The Aluminum Mallard
The Aluminum MallardIf I didn't knew any better, I might have thought Roger is actually a space ship engineer! And guess what? ... He's not. He's just a low-life-janitor. But Roger did do a good job on repairing this ship. He found (maybe "found" is a big word, he "stumbled over") the ship and its parts in the garbage junk freighter...

It has a fine radar and weapon system, and comes complete with deuterium electro magna shields. The ship's age is unknown. But since it can only reach lightspeed, we can assume this one is an oldie! Just look at those lines!

Monolith Burger
Monolith Burger "We are the galaxy's number one in fast food. Since its beginning in the nineteenth century, - as McDonalds - Monolith Burger is there for you. Hungry space travelers and hard to handle aliens are our specialties. The best service is guaranteed (the food is another story). Now, may I take your order?"

Yes, it's one of those Monolith Burger fly-by restaurants! Comes complete with questionable life support systems and second class airlocks. Let's dock and order some Belcher Combo's!

Skull fighters
Skull FightersIt's a speedy little short-range skull fighter, fully armed with the latest in offensive weaponry. You probably wouldn't want to tangle with one of these babies. These ships were developed and built by a small scientific group working for ScumSoft.

The Enterprise
The EnterpriseCaptain Picard and his men were dining at Monolith. When Roger appeared they thought it was time to scram...
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