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Space Quest 3 Cheats and Debugs > Sometimes the designers of Space Quest forgot to remove certain debug modes (which is used to remove bugs and errors). Players can use this to their advantage or it leads to interesting situations.

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Space Quest 3 Cheats and Debugs
To access debug in Space Quest 3 or any other SCI 16 color game, press the two Shift keys at the same time, then while holding those two keys down press the "-" (minus) key on your numeric key pad (Num Lock must be off). A little debug window should appear in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. To exit debug just press Shift-D.

While in debug, you can teleport, get any item, and do a lot more interesting (albeit useless) little tricks by editing the animation and sound files. By the way, debug is VERY case sensitive.

To teleport: While in debug, press G (for global variable). This should open up another little window at the bottom of the screen. The variable that controls what room you are in is 13, so type 13 in this window and hit enter. Now you should see the number assigned to the room you are currently in. Delete that and enter a different number. Exit debug and you should be in a different room. Experiment to figure out the room assignments. Obviously, the easiest way to figure out a room's number is to simply go to that room, and see what number is currently stored in global variable 13. All points in the game have room numbers including the opening sequence. If you enter a number that isn't assigned to any room at all, you will get an error message and the game will throw you out to DOS.

To get an object, hit I (for inspect) from the main window. In the resulting window, type in Inv. Another window should open up, labeled Inv. This is a collection (Inv includes all objects in the game), so hit C for collection. Hit enter repeatedly until you see the object you want. This object's window represents all of the object's attributes, all of which you can change. The one you want to change is location. Thus, hit E for edit and type owner. In the resulting window contains the number assigned to the room where the object can normally be found. Delete that, and type in 'ego'. When you exit debug you will have the object. Another way to do this is to simply inspect the object itself, by hitting I from the main window then entering the name of the object and editing it's location. This is quicker than the aforementioned method, however, as previously stated debug is very case-sensitive, which makes it difficult to enter the object's name correctly. For example, if you want the orat-on-a stick, you would have to figure out exactly what to enter; Orat-on-a-Stick, Orat on a Stick and Orat-on-a-stick are all completely different things to inspect, as far as debug is concerned. Trying to inspect something which debug doesn't recognize will result in a window filled with nonsense characters.

Scott Murphy makes a quick, meaningless, but stylish note: "Ah, the good old debug window. It was a real great tool for development. You players weren't supposed to get that 'feature'."


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