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Space Quest 3 Planets > For the first time Roger pilots his very own spacecraft with which he can reach the stars. I'm sure he gets the most out of it. You might not want to see the information below if you're new to the game.

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Phleebhut (in sector 39)
PhleebhutThis is a huge planet, right there in the heart of sector 39. It has one known settlement: World O' Wonders, a sleazy tourist trap. Phleebhut's atmosphere is extremely restless. On a given day, at least 20% of the planet is covered with extremely nasty lightning storms. The surface of the planet is that of a barren desert wasteland. The planet includes some interesting life forms, of which most of them are lethal to the touch. So don't say I didn't warn you! Once, a creature called Mog roamed the enormous desert of Phleebhut. But they all died of boredom.

Ortega (in sector 82)
OrtegaThe volcanoes of Ortega are constantly reshaping its surface. Dressed in heat resistant underwear, the hearty traveler can find a lava lovers paradise on this starkly enjoyable planet. But to be completely honest with you, Ortega bites!

A force field generator can be found on Ortega. It is assembled by the field researchers of ScumSoft (makers of software that needs debugging). This huge structure contains a electro magnetic field pulse generator that is strong enough to keep the little moon of Pestulon out of sight from fans, layers and bill collectors. A perfect location for the HQ of Scumsoft, don't you agree?

Pestulon (in sector 69)
PestulonUncharted... Little is known about it the small moon of Ortega as it is shrouded in secrecy. It is kept out of sight by the large force field generator on Ortega. It's pretty obvious ScumSoft doesn't like any unwanted visitors or fanmail! That is, if ScumSoft has any fans...

The small moon is screaming: "STAY AWAY", consider that a warning.

Earth (parallel universe, unknown star system)
EarthRoger landed the Aluminum Mallard in a place called Oakhurst California - bringing along those Two Guys from Andromeda - were he met the boss of Sierra On-Line: Ken Williams. And since Sierra On-Line is making computer games, Ken decided to hire the Two Guys. Too bad for Roger though, Ken didn't need a janitor.
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