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Space Quest 1 Story > Hey, Wake Up! While Roger was napping in the broom closet, aliens hijacked his starship and made off with the top-secret Star Generator. And if Roger can't get it back, the universe as we know it is toast.

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Space Quest 1 Story
Far beyond the reaches of known space lies a planetary system known to its inhabitants as Earnon. For many years, Earnon's sun has been slowly dying. The planets are growing cold and food is no longer plentiful. Scientists predict that only certain insect species and most lawyers will survive the resulting ice age. The beings of these ever darkening worlds struggle to maintain the daily balance of life.

The only hope for Earnon's survival has rested in the scientific community on the governing planet of Xenon, which has been working for quite some time on a plan to convert one of the system's lifeless planets into a new sun. The effort has been centered around the development of a device called the Star Generator.

The development team for the project has been stationed aboard the spacelab Arcada and sent to the outer edge of Earnon to further its research. You, a lowly apprentice sanitation engineer, are employed on the Arcada in tasks requiring only the lowest security clearance.

It is common knowledge aboard the Arcada that the scientists have just successfully completed the development and first stages of testing of the Star Generator. Although still in the experimental stages, it appears to be fully operational. Triumphantly, the good news is flashed back to Xenon as the crew of the Arcada prepares for the trip home.

But the news does not travel far before it reaches unintented ears. Monitoring the Arcada's transmissions are Sariens, space pirates who cruise the galaxies wreaking havoc and exposing aerosol cans to open flame or fire. Once citizens of Earnon, the Sariens were banished long ago for their warlike ways (one would think they would have gotten over it by now, but apparently they still hold a grudge).

The Sariens' immediate intent is to capture the Star Generator and bring it aboard their battle cruiser Deltaur. With the Star Generator in their possession, the Sariens would have the ultimate weapon with which to be revenged on the civilization that ostracisez them so long ago. They plan to unleash its awesome power on Xenon, destroying all life there, and bring the rest of Earnon to its knees.

The day of reckoning has now come, as the massive battle cruiser swings into attack position.

As your adventure begins, you are currently conducting one of your famous on-shirt naps in the janitorial storage closet. Suddenly, you are rudely awakened by explosions that rock the ship. This does not amuse you as your dream was just getting interesting. Immediately, the alarm system is activated and an announcement comes over the intercom that Sarien troops have boarded the ship. From your hiding place, you hear laser blasts mingled with the screams of your crewmates. With a well-developed sense of self preservation, you decide to stay put for a while.

Soon, the commotion dies down and you get brave enough to take a look outside. You crack the closet door, and peer into the corridor. A group of Sariens, apparently admiring their handiwork, are close enough for you to touch them! You breathe a sign of relief as they move off. Then, your eyes fall upon a grisly sight. Several of your fellow crew members' bodies lie strewn about the ship, their posture indicating a total unwillingness to get up and keep living. Although you aren't used to doing a lot of thinking (your job doesn't usually require much), your brain cells kick into high gear. What a mess! How am I gonna get those blood stains off the floor? In the midst of this intensely deep thought (well, deep for YOU) you are startled into serious reality when you hear a laser blast followed quite closely by a sickening scream. You briefly consider taking another well-timed nap, but it finally occurs to you that YOU might be in danger as well.

This will never do.


All original content (c) 2018 Brandon Blume & Troels Pleimert. All Space Quest related material (c) by Sierra Entertainment.