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Space Quest 1 Cheats and Debugs > Sometimes the designers of Space Quest forgot to remove certain debug modes (which is used to remove bugs and errors). Players can use this to their advantage or it leads to interesting situations.

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Space Quest 1 Cheats and Debugs
In the EGA version, type ALT-D (hold the ALT key and press "D") in any screen. Now you can activate the debug codes. To warp to another screen, type "TP" plus a number (a wrong number will kick you out of the game). Here are some numbers you could try:
- 10 the escape pod
- 15 on the rock plateau
- 20 in front of Orat's cave
- 30 landing on Kerona
- 35 Ulence Flats (great for skipping the skimmer sequence)
- 43 room in front the Deltaur
- 50 above the Star Generator
- 55 on the Deltaur

Also try these cool debugs:
GET OBJECT gives you an object: 1 to 23 is allowed.
SHOW FLAG displays one of 256 flags.
SET FLAG sets one of 256 flags.
RESET FLAG resets one of 256 flags.
SHOW VAR shows one of 256 variables.
SET VAR changes one of 256 variables (#90 is buckazoids).
POSITION changes position of on-screen character.
CLOCK displays a clock in the upper right corner.
DRINK FLIGHT SUIT magically changes Roger into wearing the flight suit.
DRINK JETPACK magically changes Roger into wearing the jetpack.
BE ALIEN magically changes Roger into wearing the Sarien uniform.
NO HELMET magically changes Roger into wearing the Sarien officer without helmet.
CASH gives you any amount of cash ($0 to 200).

Also, there's a way to quickly beat the slot machine, which only works with version 2.2. While playing the slot machine, type "holy shit" (trust me on this). This will let you choose what type of symbol you want next time you roll.


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