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Space Quest 1 Spoofs and References > Space Quest 1 is chockfull with cool spoofs and references. This page lists them all.

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Space Quest 1 Spoofs and References EGA version
Keronian AleThe name of the planet Kerona is based upon the name of a Mexican beer called "Corona", which was the favorite beverage of The Two Guys back in 1986. And it's my favorite beer now, thanks to my dear Space Quest friend Paul 'Xenon' Ibes. My roommate at the Starcon Academy back in 1998. There's also another reason, but that was too sophomoric for even Scott to mention.

When you approach the Deltaur, the inside view of the ship with your droid resembles the rebel attack on the Death Star from Star Wars.

They're both from 'Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy', that grand Adams satire/comedy/many things.

The weaponsdroid aboard the Deltaur is a ripoff of Marvin the Paranoid Android from Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy. The weaponsdroid is, just like Marvin, always depressed and saying the same stock sort of lines.

The name "Sarien" sounds a lot like "Arien". You know, the blond ubermenschen from the Nazis.

Another reference to the Hitchhiker's Guide are the Sariens, who seem to resemble Vogons quite closely.

The Sarien Spider Droid is actually derived from the Imperial Scout Droid from the Empire Strikes Back.

The building of Tiny's Used Spaceships at Ulence Flats has a similar design to Luke Skywalker's home on Tattoine.

The mugger at Ulence Flats is one of the headhunters working for Jabba, who tried to kill Han Solo in the Mos Eisley cantina in the first Star Wars film.

You can actually kiss the Sarien guard aboard the Deltaur, who happens to be a King's Quest fan. Besides his mention of King's Quest 2, which awards you bonus points, you can talk with him about King's Quest 3. Yes, he just bought is for a mere 128.000 buckazoids at Tiny's Holodisk Shop. Not to mention his favorite massacre was the Great Daventry Rout. Turns out that Ken Williams (CEO of Sierra at that time) programmed this into the game. Scott Murphy: "Kissing the Sarien was all Ken Williams' doing as were the KQ2 references. We let him do some programming and just because he runs the company (not anymore -ed) he thinks he can do whatever he wants. Go figure."

A movie from 1983 with Eddy Murphy and Jamie Lee Curtis is called "Trading Places". "Beek Security" is being mentioned in the movie. It is some kind of security company. The Two Guys used this as a spoof in SQ1 for the keycard description.


Space Quest 1 Spoofs and References VGA version
Droids-B-UsNot only is the Droid-B-Us store still there, it even has a modified version of the Toys-R-Us giraffe logo. In one of the many lawsuits concerning the Space Quest series, Scott and Mark were sent to court concerning their in-game spoof of Toys-R-Us (Droid-B-Us). They won the lawsuit, but they needed to change Droids-R-Us into Droids-B-Us in the EGA version. You might think they would have learned from this and that they would be a little bit more careful in the future. Not quite: years later the Two Guys even added a spoof of the official logo to the Droids-B-Us store in the remake of Space Quest 1! Oddly enough, they weren't sued again for that one. What's more, in Space Quest 4 when you return to Ulence Flats a remark states: "Smells like another lawsuit coming back to haunt the Two Guys from Andromeda."

When entering the hologram's area of Kerona, the theme song starts out like the song from "2001: A Space Odyssey". but then changes into something different.


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