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Space Quest 1 Cancelled Stuff > The source code of the game sometimes contains codes, animations and graphics that aren't used in the actual game.

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Space Quest 1 Cancelled Stuff
Orat animation framesUsing a cool tool called AGI Studio I opened up Space Quest 1 version 1.0X (version 2.2 didn't work with the program for some reason). AGI Studio enables you to look around in the game source code, animations and other graphics. I found some stuff that shouldn't be there - stuff that isn't used in the actual game. Leftovers from early puzzles, jokes or animations that didn't make it into the final version of the game.

To your left you see the original six frame animation that make up the unfortunate end of Orat's life. If I recall correctly, frame one and two aren't used. You need to THROW the dehydrated water to Orat and he'll catch it with his mouth. The first frame obviously shows Orat HOLDING the canister of dehydrated water. This means Roger didn't need to THROW the canister but GIVE it to him or DROP it for him in an early unreleased version. Orat was obviously not mean enough this way, so instead the Two Guys changed the puzzle. The official animation is still there, however unused.

A small cleaning droidA small cleaning droidHere you see two animations of a little droid that isn't anywhere to be found in the real game. The droid seems to be closely related to the navigational droid. Maybe this was a first version? Or maybe this droid once served some other purpose like a cleaning droid aboard the Arcada? We may never know.

Elite Sarien guardsHere's a picture of three Sarien guards who appear to be on serious steroids. Obviously some sort of elite guard. I can tell from the source code there's only this one picture with no animation attached to it. This might indicate the Two Guys canned this version of Sarien guards rather quickly.

ATTENTION K MART SHOPPERSThe last item I found was this sign "ATTENTION K MART SHOPPERS". It's drawn in the same style as the "WARNING BAYDOORS ARE OPEN" light sign from the flight preparation room. This indicate the Two Guys had some cheesy jokes for us in store... Once.


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