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Space Quest 1 Cameo Appearances > A cameo appearance is a brief appearance of a well-known or notable person. Space Quest 1 is chockfull of them and they are all listed in this page.

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Space Quest 1 Cameo Appearances EGA version
The Blues Brothers have a cameo appearance in the Ulence Flats bar. They can sometimes be found on stage, performing their act. However, it's random when they appear. ZZ-Top also appears.

Ken Williams - 16 colour styleIn version 1.0X you could type "Ken" in the first screen of the Arcada (referring to Ken Williams, the big boss of Sierra in those days). Ken would walk into the screen and complain that the game was behind schedule. This does NOT work with version 2.2. Typing "Ken" an additional time will produce: "Dave? Dave's not here." More information about the difference between version 1.0X and 2.2 can be found elsewhere on this page.

When you press the "don't press" button inside the escape pod, you wind up in King's Quest 1. Next you'll read about Ken and Roberts Williams (founders of Sierra) discussing "those Space Quest players".


Space Quest 1 Cameo Appearances VGA version
The Xenonian man who awards you with the Golden Mop in the ending sequence is none other than King Graham from King's Quest.

The Warbird from Star Trek pops up occasionally when you select the wrong coordinates for your ship. It also appears during the introduction sequence.

The bar on Ulence Flats has both the Blues Brothers and ZZ-Top. Madonna performs sometimes too, accompanied by the very flitting remark when using the tongue icon: "Her taste in clothes is almost as bad as her taste in music." Scott Murphy adds: "The ZZ Top thing was a problem for us. Somehow after a couple of years they found out about their satirical cameo appearance. Even though we didn't portray them in any bad light, someone there had no sense of humor about it. We then got one of those real solid envelopes in the mail with return address overloaded with names of supposed importance, at least in their eyes. The policy decision at Sierra was that it is easier to make a change to the game rather than go to court and spend a bunch of shark money (legal fees -ed) even if we were found to be within our rights. We do have free speech in this country, but it ain't cheap." Check out the SQ1VGA funfacts section on this page for additional information.

When leaving Ulence Flats, the time pod from Space Quest 4 pops up.

The droid in the armory aboard the Deltaur, who supplies you with your laser gun, is Marvin, the ever-popular paranoid android with super intelligence from Douglas Adams' "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy".

The triple-breasted hooker from Eroticon VI (another Hitchhicker's Guide to the Galaxy reference) is sitting in the bar.

On the screen of the bar entrance you can see the nose of a "Star Trek: TNG shuttle" sticking out from behind the bar.

The Droids-B-Us view screen contains a lot of spoofs. Here's some:
- The Dalek robots from BBC's "Doctor Who"
- The Lost in Space babysitter droid
- "Max" is the Maximillian droid from "The Black Hole"
- There's an Arnoid arm on the counter from Space Quest 3.
- The head on the counter is described as an "Ultron-17". Ultron is a robot character from a Marvel comic and looks exactly like the head in SQ1VGA.
- The DEF-TECH droid is the Riflemen mech from Battletech.
- The HU-1D droid is "Huey" from the movie Silent Running.
- The robot working as store droid for Droids-B-Us is Robbie from the classic science fiction movie "Forbidden Planet".

When pressing the "don't touch" button in the escape pod you'll not wind up at the Castle of Daventry as was the case with SQ1EGA, but at Nottingham Castle (featured in Sierra's "Conquests of the Longbow").

The closet door in the Arcada shuttle entrance bears the logo of a sword through a planet, which is used by the Alternate Federation in the Star Trek TOS episode "Mirror Mirror".

The panel in that same room looks a lot like the panels did on the old Enterprise.


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