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Space Quest 1 Demo > Here you can download the non-playable demo for both Space Quest 1 EGA and VGA. Then there's also the ultra cool Space Quest 1 VGA demo, a SpaceQuest.Net exclusive!

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Space Quest 1 Demo

Space Quest 1 Demo (226 KB)
Space Quest 1 VGA Demo Sierra released five so-called "AGI Demo Packs". The packs contain demos of several AGI games like Police Quest, Leisure Suit Larry, Helicopter Simulation and Space Quest. Demo Pack 2, which was released in 1988, offers a demo for both Space Quest 1 and 2.


Space Quest 1 VGA Demo (639 KB)
This is a cool non-playable demo. A note of interest is the 1950 science fiction feel right down to the font usage and cinematography. This same "feel" would too in the actual game, something avid Space Quest players didn't really like.


Space Quest 1 VGA Promo Video (ZIP archive of 4.8 MB containing one MPEG-4 file)
Space Quest 1 VGA Promo VideoThis promotional video not only shows Space Quest 1 VGA, but also how to get rid of those nasty aliens around your house.
If you are having problems with aliens at your home, get the new and improved Space Quest 1 This is a digitalized excerpt of the Sierra Dynamix VHS Video Catalog from 1991 (version 1.1).

Suitable for all video players.
Movie properties: MPEG-4, 472 X 356 pixels, million colours.
Sound properties: MPEG-4, mono 44.10 kHz, mono.
Duration: 47 seconds.




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