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Space Quest 1 Characters > Roger encounters a number of strange and interesting aliens during his adventure. This page offers a description of the most important ones.

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Jerry - one of Roger's former crew mates"Hey, I know this man. This is Jerry. Poor fellow. This mission was going to be Jerry's last tour of duty and he was planning to celebrate by having a gender-change operation during the voyage home. He wanted to surprise his wife."

The Orat
The OratThey live in caves and hunt for Grell at night. The Orat is a native Keronian creature and can only be found there. Roger encountered one of these savage creatures and managed to kill it. Nowadays, the Orat has almost become extinct because it's a very popular snack by Monolith Burger visitors.

The Keronian Race
The Keronian leaderThe Keronian civilization is the oldest of Kerona, as they are the original inhabitants. Sadly, since the arrival of space settlers and immigrants, the rich Keronian culture is suppressed and they are forced to live underground. The new colonists don't share their way of life, you see. The peaceful Keronians are always scared to have their underground cities and hide outs discovered, and despise the Orat. The image you see here on the left is a holographics projection of the Keronian leader called "Tunuctipin".

The Chdnarian sales bug
The Chdnarian sales bugThe sales bug appears to be a Chdnarian, a race renowned for their predatory sales techniques. This bug has won a prize for "Salesbug of the year". Better count your fingers once you've completed your transaction. Roger encountered this creature on Kerona when looking for a navigational droid.

The Sarien Race
A Sarien battle trooperAlthough the cosmos contains a diverse spectrum of life forms, the Sariens are universally considered amoung the ugliest and worst-dressed. They are space thugs who cruise the galaxies causing havoc by exposing aerosol cans to open flame or fire - Living as nomads, without a world to call their own. Eons ago, they lived in the Earnonian solar system with the Xenonian race. But these two highly intelligent races could not coexist. A battle was to be fought. In the famous Telecommunications War, the Xenonians won and the Sariens were expelled. This happened literally eons ago, so one would think they would have gotten over it by now, but apparently they still hold a grudge. The Sariens are still determined to make the Humans from Xenon pay, and they did... With the mad scientist Sludge Vohaul as their leader, they stole the newly developed Star Generator (a powerful weapon if it were to fall in the wrong hands). The only problem was that our friend Roger Wilco interfered. He destroyed the Star Generator which was aboard the mighty Sarien battlecruiser, the Deltaur. Since that time, almost all of the Sariens' pirate-like activities have ceased. It is feared that the Sariens are still roaming the Galaxy, waiting for a new opportunity to strike.

A Sarien Spider Droid
The vicious Sarien Spider DroidRats! If the eyes don't deceive, that's a Sarien Spider Droid. Its red scanner probes the terrain for anything that moves. Roger Wilco recalls reading in an old issue of Space Piston Magazine that this droid was designed to seek out organic life forms and self-destruct when close proximity to the target has been achieved. One was sent after Roger, but it is not known what happened to it, as it suddenly disappeared from Sarien deep space scanner probes. It must have suffered a defective leg servo. Truly an icon of terror.

TinyThis man is a used spacecraft seller on the planet Kerona. Although he looks friendly, he is only interested in selling his ships for appealing amounts of money. It so happens that Roger Wilco did buy a ship at "Tiny's used spacecrafts lot". He got near the Sarien battlecruiser Deltaur with it. It is said that Tiny was killed by one of the Ulence Flats gangmembers because he sold a ship that wasn't his.

A Keronian Thief
A mugger from KeronaOne of the many muggers on Kerona who are involved in gang activities.

"Say there, pal. It's come to my attention that you're in the market for some transportation. Just follow me....."
"Hold it right there, pal! This is a stick-up! I'll just relieve you of your cash, thank you very much."


Slash Vohaul
Not much is known about Slash Vohaul. (Sludge’s brother). He continued Sludge's work on the Star Generator after Sludge was banned from the project (we learn more about Sludge in Space Quest 2). Slash mysteriously died just after the Star Generator project was completed, but he managed to sent out an encrypted data storage cartridge that contain the bue prints of the secret Star Generator (volume Astral Body, the Untold Story). It is believed that Slash somehow learned about his brother's evil intention to steal the Star Generator...

Sludge was then brotherless, or so it seems.... hahahaha!


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