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Space Quest 1 Design Sketches > SpaceQuest.Net is proud to offer you exclusive Space Quest 1 Design Sketches.

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Space Quest 1 Design Sketches
Douglas Herring at workIt was September 1990 when Sierra released the much-critized Space Quest 1 VGA remake. It featured greatly increased colour and resolution capabilities as Sierra tried to meet the demand of enhanced expectations of the game players. The images of Space Quest 1 therefore needed to be more dynamic and effective than ever before. Instead of using 16 colours, as was the case in the original game, Space Quest 1 VGA was going to use handpainted graphics. The method of creating these graphics couldn't be more different compared to the original release. Every character, screen and object was sketched. Sometimes, the designers sketched multiple versions of something and ultimately it was decided which version would make it into the actual game. Litterally hundreds of sketches were made during production of the remake. SpaceQuest.Net has managed to dig up a few for your enjoyment.

An early sketch of Roger getting in over his head as usual.
Roger Wilco (28 KB)
Roger Wilco with signature (36 KB)
Roger Wilco posing in his spacesuit (52 KB)

Under the direction of the Art Designer Douglas Herring, the Sarien ship Deltaur and the Xenon research vessel Arcada took on completely new and unique personalities.
The Deltaur (44 KB)
The Deltaur Attacks (44 KB)

Preliminary sketch from the Deltaur - Sierra attempted to capture the '50's spaceship interior look - with lots of conduits and guages and exposed hardware - reminiscent of E.C. Comics.
Inside the Deltaur (72 KB)

These artists' sketches show the evolution of Tunuctipin, once known to his pals in the Sierra Creative Development Department as Turnip Head. The Keronian elder is encountered by Roger in the undergrond generator room far beneath the arid desert of the planet Kerona, where Roger has crash-landed his escape pod.
(56 KB)
Keronian leader (36 KB)

A number of different approaches were tried for Tiny, the crafty alien used-spaceship salesman, from the questionable menacing to the merely malevolent. When it was decided that the character should be less threatening, the official Tiny emerged to become a suitably sociable but shrewd salesguy.
Tiny (60 KB)

Art Designer's sketch of the new look for the Sarien bad guys.
Sariens in battle suit (56 KB)
Sarien close-up (52 KB)

It's that nasty mugger from Ulence Flats! This sketch made it into the final release.
(24 KB)

One of the many sketches of Orat.
(56 KB)

Preliminary sketch of the parade ground on Xenon where our hero receives his golden mop. The tribute to the Two Guys from Andromeda stands out as a statue in the background.
The parade ground (60 KB)

One of a number of alien bimbettes designed for the bar scene. This particular sketch fantasied aspects of alien anatomy that we felt had been overused, so it was de-emphasized in the final version. Ultimately the close-up of the bimbette was never used.
A bimbette (52 KB)
Ugly bar woman (36 KB)


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