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Space Quest 1 Ships > This page offers a description of the most important space ships in Space Quest 1. Please keep in mind that you might not want to see the information below if you're new to the game.

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Arcada, the Federal spacelab
The ArcadaRoger's adventures began with exiting the broomcloset of the Federal spacelab, the Arcada. It is a very large space ship, built exclusively to test the Star Generator. When the crew of the Arcada had completed their research, they went home. However, the Arcada would never reach its destination, as it was attack by the Sariens. This evil race stole the Star Generator that was onboard. Self-destruct was activated and it exploded a few minutes later.

The escape Pod
Escape podConfused what do, Roger wished he had paid more attention during crew orientation. Using this pod, he managed to escaped the Spacelab Arcada and flew to Kerona. It is equipped with an autonavigation, or AUTONAV for short. Its only major drawback is that it has no landing gear so this ship will need to crash land.

Drallion Asteroid Cruiser
A Drallion Asteroid CruiserThis is a very nice ship indeed. It's designed to cruise asteroid belts. You'll need a navigational droid to fly it though. Roger bought it from Tiny's used spacecrafts. And you don't want to know how Tiny got this ship!

The Deltaur, the Sarien battlecruiser
The DeltaurThis ship attacked the Arcada. It's the mightiest battlecruiser of the Sarien fleet. Just click on the guns to see what I mean. But even a battleship can't compete with Roger's dumb luck. He managed to destroy the ship along with the stolen Star Generator and managed to escape in one piece.

A speedy SandskimmerThis machine hovers approximately 0.5 meters above the ground to avoid Grell. Roger used it to reach Ulence Flats and sold it to a not so handsome fellow. But that's another story...

Tiny's used spacecrafts
A few  of Tiny's used shipsDon't even look at these old ships. Junk, that's what they are! Trust Roger, he can tell. Tiny's used spacecrafts are known in the whole universe for their 'great' life-span. These crafts are so old, they could be from your grandmother!

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