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Space Quest 3 Game Information > The Two Guys from Andromeda have disappeared into thin oxygen and it could mean the end of Roger and his adventures once and for all. Help him discover who is behind the mastermind plot.

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Space Quest 3 Game Information

The game was released in March 1989 and one of the first in the world with soundblaster support. There is over 30 minutes of great music in the game. It also supports mouse and the new parser interface understands almost every word you type. The graphics have improved and you'll find the following 16 colors in the game:

I think the graphics are great and they come close to 256 color VGA in some parts. Some say the game was a little bit too short and/or easy to beat, but long enough to convince the Software Publishers of America that this is the "Best Adventure Game of the Year" (1989 -ed). In my opinion this is also the best Space Quest. The story is great, the game is very funny and the atmosphere in unbeatable, thanks to the great graphics and music.

The game was originally sold for $59.99. The original game came with:
- a box
- three 3.5" game disks (four for the Amiga version) or six 5.25" disks. Containing one of the many different versions of the game out there.
- manual
- Andromedan snout and glasses complete with Death Ray Shield.
- a SCI reference card
- registration card
- a soundcard promotional brochure. You could order three different soundcards using the order form or a free audio cassette demonstrating the Roland MT-32 and the Adlib music sythsizer.
- a letter from the president. Ken Williams explains all about the newly invented soundcards, the sound capabilities of these cards, and the sound capabilities of new Sierra games.
- a "please note" leaflet with the latest technical information.
- an Adlib coupon which offers $20 rebate (valid until August 31st 1989)
- optional hint book for $7.95
- Sierra games catalogue


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