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Space Quest 3 Inventory Items > This page describes the inventory items of Space Quest 3 and includes information on their location and usage. You might not want to see the information below if you're new to the game.

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A Glowing GemYou are still carrying the piece of orium you picked up on Labion during your last adventure. However, it has long since lost its glow. You can sell it to Fester.

An Auxiliary Reactor
This is an auxiliary reactor. Found in the wall of the Rat's lair. Used for powering your space ship.

A Wire
It's a piece of SQ-approved electrical wire. Found inside the Space Tanker Tunnel. Used to connect the reactor with the Warp Motivator.

A Ladder
This is a ladder. The evenly spaced rungs allow altitude adjustment. Found inside the Rat's lair. Used to climb on top of your space ship.

A Buckazoid
You possess 350 of these nifty monetary units known as "Buckazoids". You get some buckazoids at World O'Wonders and in seat cushion of your ship. Used to buy stuff.

Orat on a StickOrat on a Stick! You can open his mouth, and close his mouth! Hours of fun for all! You can buy it at World O'Wonders. Used to get the invisibility uderneath the pods.

Thermoweave Shorts
Thermoweave Shorts. They keep you cool, and they're oh, so stylish. You can buy it at World O'Wonders. Used for cooling on Ortega.

Official Astro Chicken Flight Hat
Wow! Your Official Astro Chicken Flight Hat! Man, the babes'll really dig you in this! You can buy it at World O'Wonders.

An invisibility belt
Terminator's invisibility belt. Found on the Terminator droid. Used for entering ScumSoft HQ.

A Food Bag
A bag chock-full of gastric delights! Given to you at Monolith Burger. It contains your food.

Decoder Ring
With this ring, you can decode any secret message! Well, almost any secret message. Found inside your Fun Meal. Used to decode the secret message from the Two Guys.

A Detonator
It has an impact switch, so in other words... DON'T DROP IT! Used for blowing stuff to little bits. Found on the research site on Ortega.

A Metal Pole
A handy metal pole. Found on the research site on Ortega. Used to cross the crevice.

A pair of janitor's coveralls
A pair of janitor's coveralls. Used for looking the part. Found inside the janitor's closet. Used at ScumSoft.

A Trash Vaporizer
Mr. Garbage: a janitor's best friend. Designed to vaporize all nonorganic biodegradable matter (i.e. trash). Found inside the pockets of the coveralls. Used at ScumSoft.

A Picture of Elmo
A fine likeness of Elmo Pug's mug. Elmo Pug is the dashing young owner of ScumSoft Inc. Found on the wall. Used in photocopy machine.

Copied picture of Elmo
A fine likeness of a likeness of Elmo Pug's mug. You get this item when you copy Elmo's picture of course. Used to pass facial scan.

A Keycard
Elmo Pug's personal keycard for opening locked doors. Found on Elmo's desk. Used to open locked doors.
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