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Games and Videos

Take a Break PinballTake a Break Pinball (3,91 MB)
This is a pinball game from Dynamic featuring the popular Sierra games (Leisure Suit Larry, King's Quest). It also has a pinball level of Space Quest IV! I've tested this game and it doesn't seem to work properly in Windows 2000 (and I guess it won't work properly in XP either). It worked fine in Windows 98. Please read the "installing help" text file I made.


Current Inside Copy (the zip archive is 44.9 MB and contains one AVI file.)
Yes! It's that wicked Current Inside Copy video from the Space Quest Collection! Barry T. Smith is trying to bring you an interview with the people who bring you the popular Space Quest Series.
The movie looks just as good as the original file from the Space Quest Collection, but is much smaller. Suitable for all video players.

Movie properties: Cinepak 156 X 120 pixels.
Sound properties: mono 22.05 kHz, 8 bits.
Duration: 9 minutes and 7 seconds.

For those of you who are interested, here's a transcript of the original German as well as my translation attempt:

Sabine Duvall's project team converts Sierra games into foreign languages for distribution all over the world.

Current Inside CopyB: Sabine, I'm told Space Quest has done quite well abroad.
S: Ja, Space Quest, das war so eine Sache für sich. Ich bin froh, dass ich das überlebt habe. Die Sache war eine der schlimmsten Übersetzungen, die ich überhaupt je habe machen müssen. Schwierigkeitsgrad Nummer 1. Man kann sich überhaupt nicht vorstellen, was für einen Mist man da alles hat übersetzen müssen. Überhaupt nichts, das irgendwie miteinander zusammen stimmt. Alles war wie als müsste man von vorne anfangen. Ich hab da --- Mensch, Meier --- was hab ich nach Übersetzern gesucht, wo ich was richtig rauskriegen soll, aber ist da was gekommen? Nein! Musste ich alles selber machen! Also wie verrückt! Die ganze Sache ist total verrückt. Mach ich nicht nochmal.

(Yeah, Space Quest, that was quite a thing of its own. I'm glad I survived that. The whole thing was one of the worst translations I ever had to do. Difficulty level number one. You can't imagine the kind of crap you had to translate. There was nothing that fit together; everything was as if you had to start all over. My, the time I've spent looking for translators, when I had to find out what something meant... but did something come of it? No! I had to do everything by myself! Crazy! The whole thing was totally fucked up. I'm not going to do that again.)

Barry T. Smith interviewing Sabina DuvallB: Uh, so how about that Scott Murphy?
S: Scott Murphy? Scott Murphy? Da brauchst du mir gar nicht mit zu kommen. Der Junge, der ist ein Mistkerl. Mit dem will ich nichts mehr zu tun haben. Der Mann hat mich so blamiert in Europa, das kann man sich überhaupt nicht vorstellen. Europa --- ich bin doch nur noch, wie man I'm Englischen sagt, "laughing stock of Europe". Und das ist nämlich das schlimmste, was man machen kann: mich so zu ruinieren in Europa. Nein, ich hab jetzt die Nase voll. Ich hab keine Lust mehr. Das reicht mir jetzt. Also, so ein Mistscheiß hier! Scott Murphy, ich bin doch nicht bekloppt und rede über den Typen! Aus dem Weg hier, was soll denn die Scheiße! Also ich bin weg. Also dann, auf Wiedersehen.

(Scott Murphy? Don't get me started on that one. That guy is a crook. I don't want to have anything to with him. The way this guy embarassed me in Europe, you can't even begin to imagine. I'm just... how do they say it in English --- the laughing stock of Europe. And that's the worst thing you can do: to ruin me in Europe. I'm fed up now. I've had enough of this. What kind of crap is this anyway? Scott Murphy, do you think I'm an idiot, asking me to talk about this guy? Outta my way! What's this shit all about anyway? I'm gone. So long, good bye.)


Other stuff

GAP (593 KB)
Download this Windows program and you can listen to the resource.aud files from Space Quest 4 and 5, the only *.AUD files that are not coded.

A cool mix of all kinds of Space Quest songs (6,55MB)
This is a high quality MP3 song of 7 minutes in length! Don't you just sit there, download it!

A Space Quest Screensaver (269 KB)
This is a very cool screensaver for Windows. It shows Roger crawling through the caves and tunnels of the planet Labion. It's easy to install, easy to remove, so lets give it a try, shall we?

The History of Space Quest (33,5 KB)
This is from the Space Quest Collection. It contains tons of information about Space Quest and stuff. The file is a Windows help database file, so you need Windows to run it.

The SQFAQ Created by Troels Pleimert (87,2 KB)
This huge text document contains almost every fact there is about Space Quest. This includes interviews with the designers, very cool funfacts and background information.

Space Quest 6 Copyright Protection (130 KB)
Released by Sierra. Can't break the homing beacon codes? Here they are.


All original content (c) 2018 Brandon Blume & Troels Pleimert. All Space Quest related material (c) by Sierra Entertainment.