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InterAction Magazine > Sierra used to publish its own gaming magazine (which was called "Sierra Newsletter" and "Sierra News Magazine" before fall 1991). This chapter features SQ related articles of these magazines.

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SpaceQuest.Net is trying to bring you high quality scans of every Space Quest related article from Sierra's own gaming magazine, called "InterAction". The magazines are extremely difficult to find these days and as you can see from the list below I'm still missing a few magazines that might have Space Quest related articles in it. If you have one of those old magazines at home - than please mail me.

Sierra Newsletter winter 1987 (vol 1 #2)
Sierra Newsletter fall/winter 1988 (vol 1 #4)

Sierra News Magazine spring 1989 (vol 2 #1)
Sierra News Magazine summer 1991 (vol 4 #2)

InterAction fall 1991 (vol 4 #3)
InterAction spring 1992 (vol 5 #1)
InterAction summer 1992 (vol 5 #2)
InterAction spring 1993 (vol 6 #1)
InterAction summer 1993 (vol 6 #2)
InterAction spring 1994 (vol 7 #1)
InterAction spring 1995 (vol 8 #1)
InterAction fall 1995 (vol 8 #3)
InterAction holiday 1995 (vol 8 #4)


All original content (c) 2018 Brandon Blume & Troels Pleimert. All Space Quest related material (c) by Sierra Entertainment.