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Fanstories > The "fan phenomena" of the Space Quest Community is old and complex. Whether it's a story, an image or a video, fans have been writing fanfiction since the first fanpage appeared online.

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This page contains a selection of great fanfiction stories. Different from most fan creations that seek to expand the Space Quest Universe by letting Roger Wilco do all sorts of amazing stuff, this fanfiction mostly runs parallel to the original games, not disrupting the timeline of the Series in anyway. You know. the Space Quest Universe is far greater than just the things we've seen in the games.

Please click on one of the links below.

- The Arcada: Before the Attack
- The Orium Mines
- Monolith Burger re-visited
- The Vohaul Bubble
- A Tribute to Pelvis Brelsford


There are more fan fiction stories on The Virtual Broomcloset's Fan Fiction Library.

Some attempts at writing Space Quest novelisations were made. These are archived on the Space Quest Historian's website, complete with "audiobook" excerpts read by Joe Cassara.


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