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Fanfiction > The "fan phenomena" of the Space Quest Community is old and complex. Whether it's a story, an image or a video, fans have been writing fanfiction since the first fanpage appeared online.

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Stardate 24.011.24500
The Orium MineWell, this is it. My second day in the Orium Mines. I knew things would be harsh, but I never expected this. When I first entered the mines, I was surprised by the size of it. An enormous underground complex, completely carved out. There must be thousands of people working here. All victims of Sludge Vohaul's evil reign. I know for sure I'm going to die here. Just like many others. Falling rocks, cave-ins and other accidents occur every minute. Not to mention the people who are tortured to death by the Apemen guards. Screaming people everywhere, it's awful! The guards use their whips and bats to 'motivate' you. I saw an old man getting beat up by three of those goons. They were all laughing while the man was bleeding to death.

Inside the MinesI'm in 'my room' now. It is truly a prison. I'm sharing the room with 20 other slaves. I can't believe this is happening to me. It's very dark and cold out here. Only a little beam of sunlight is illuminating the room through a small air vent. There must be at least 50 meters of rock above me. All I have left is this booklet and pen. I was transported here yesterday. Some people don't even know why they are here. But I know, ooh yes I do. My home planet is called Alferion 9, where people live in harmony and in peace. Our civilization was developing at a tremendous rate over the last centuries, new things where invented every day. I was head science commander, working on a secret project.

We were doing research for a Planetarial Barrier Shield. After only 6 years of developing and testing, the project was nearing completion. I was telling everybody all the time the machine needed more testing. There was so much we didn't understand. But the curiosity of my fellow scientists was unstoppable. They activated the Planetarial Barrier Shield soon after the third successful test. We were all surprised it worked. The shield was designed to protect us from meteor threats and deadly cosmic rays, as our atmosphere was depleting at an alarming rate. The machine worked better than expected.

By inventing this machine, we had traded that meteor threat for something else. The threats of Sludge Vohaul. He was, of course, interested in our newly developed technology. We all knew that this shield was more than a protection against meteors. By building it, we've also built a defensive force field against StarShip invasions and bombardments. No ship could enter or leave the planet. We had in fact just built the largest fortress in the galaxy!

An ApemanInfiltrating in a cargo ship, a whole army of Apemen were sent down to haunt me. They caught me very quickly; I didn't even knew they were coming. They told me Sludge wanted the blue prints of the Planetarial Barrier Shield. I was tortured for 26 days, and I just collapsed. I told them in my weakness where the plans were. I thought I was going to be released, but I was foolish. Soon, I found myself transported to one of the many Orium mines on Labion, owned by Sludge. It was my punishment for telling where the plans were. The universe will never be the same.


Stardate 60.012.24500
I gave up hope that I'm going to get out of here alive. The only way I'm going to see surface light again is in a trunk... Dead. Real hope doesn't exist here. The only thing that does, is the hope you'll never wake up again. I'm close to collapse... Must hold on. I've already survived so many nights here.

There was a lot of unrest from the Apemen guards today. I've heard something about an escape. A hovercraft which was transporting a new slave to the mines, crashed and somehow he survived. What a lucky guy.


Stardate 120.014.24500
A chunk of Orium
It is so ironic. We are surrounded by riches. This big chunk of Orium must be at least worth 425 buckazoid out there. Sometimes I think to myself this is a beautiful place to be. The whole mine is illuminating gently by Orium. But this is everything but a beautiful place. We'll have to work 7 days a week, 16 hours per day.


Stardate 90.016.24500
Sunlight filtering through the forest
The days slowly turn into weeks, and weeks turn slowly into months. I'm sick. Everything hurts. I must be having a fever. I'll soon leave this place. Every day I've looked up at this small beam of sunlight... It gives me strength. It tells me freedom is just 50 meters of solid rock above me. I'll soon travel to the light.

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