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Buying the Games > I used to get weekly mails from people who were trying to find a legal copy of Space Quest. I've therefore written this article which helps you find, and eventually buy, your Space Quest game.

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Welcome To The Future!

In olden days it was a royal pain to try to acquire the Space Quest titles. But now we have the glorious technology that is digital distribution! The Space Quest games are easily available on these platforms.


Buying the Games - Steam (Digital Distribution)

Steam is currently the best and easiest place to buy the most complete package of the Space Quest Collection currently available through official channels. When it was first released on the Steam platform it was missing the original AGI version of Space Quest I. However, since that time it has been added to the package. Some people choose not to use Steam on principle as it carries with it some potential DRM in that it requires you to run the Steam client to access, download, and play your games. However, in the case of Space Quest the Steam client is not needed and the client-reliance DRM is not enforced. You can access the game files after they're downloaded through Steam and then you can delete the Steam client from your hard drive to play whenever you want! The current price is $19.99 USD for all 6 games.


Buying the Games - GOG (Digital Distribution)

If you're still averse to Steam for some reason, you can also acquire the Space Quest collections from GOG (formerly Good Old Games). GOG is a fantastic platform that is entirely DRM-free with no client required. Just download, install, and go. Once you buy, you own. Forever. That's it! The GOG packages also come with some nifty extras like desktop wallpaper. The packages are split into two separate products. Space Quests 1-3 for $9.99 USD and Space Quests 4-6 for $9.99 USD. This SQ1-3 package unfortunately does not come with the VGA remake of Space Quest 1 on GOG, so if you want that version of the game you'll either have to complain to GOG to include it or resort to buying the games on Steam instead.


Buying the Games - used Amazon items

Space Quest is just one of the many products offered at Amazon happens to be Sierra official online seller. However, the collection is out of stock and discontinued. From time to time copies of the Series (not limited to the collection) are offered by Amazon-users. Be a bit careful not to spend too much money.


Buying the Games - eBay Auctions

I always recommend people to eBay, the largest online auction website in the world. It's your the best option to buy Space Quest. Go to the website and search for "Space Quest". You'll get presented with a list of games people are selling. This means that if you can't find your Space Quest, return some days later and try again. Their might be someone else now who's selling the sequel you're looking for.

The games are offered for dirty cheap prices most of the time. It isn't very difficult getting your hands on Space Quest 3 for $7.50 US for instance. On the other hand, the collection packages are quite frequently sold for well over $100 US bucks. I therefore recommend buying the games seperately, unless you live overseas and have to pay for the shipping costs which can be quite high (probably around $10 to $15 US). Many sellers may be willing to ship to your country. Contact them and ask for the shipping costs just to be sure.

You need your own account before you can start bidding. Signing up for an account is free. One of the most frequent questions I hear from people is: Can you trust sellers? Well, you can never be 100% certain. And the seller might not be problem: your package might be lost during shipment for instance. So how can you be sure, or relatively sure? I recommend bidding on sellers who have over 20 postive feedbacks. It's highly unlikely that a person with a high amount of positive feedback is about to scam you. Mind you, all my transactions at Ebay went great, and I've done quite a few. Not one trade went unsatisfactory! But how are you going to pay the seller? I recommend using PayPal. You can register for an account which enables you to pay for auctions, as well as other things, by means of your credit card. Don't worry about safety: You'll only have to enter your credit card data once, and you can use your account for free (when paying) over and over again. Please note that the seller at Ebay must accept PayPal. But quite a few sellers do so.


All original content (c) 2018 Brandon Blume & Troels Pleimert. All Space Quest related material (c) by Sierra Entertainment.