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InterAction Magazine > Sierra used to publish its own gaming magazine (which was called "Sierra Newsletter" and "Sierra News Magazine" before fall 1991). This chapter features SQ related articles of these magazines.

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InterAction Magazine Summer 1992
Space Quest 5 was still far from complete when this edition of InterAction was released. The interest of Space Quest was slowly dying like a Xenonian Sun, so Sierra decided to come with some early screenshots from the SQ5 project to increase interest in the series.

This cover scan is from the Vintage Sierra website. SpaceQuest.Net has gathered all the Space Quest related articles of this issue for you below.


Space Quest 5 review - complete
This article (141 KB) serves as a small warm up for the upcoming Space Quest 5 game. It was obviously posted to increase the popularity of the Space Quest Series, which was somewhat slipping away. After all, the last release was from March 1991 (Cd-rom version of SQ4). Anyway, do notice the picture from Roger's space piloting 101 class which is different from the real game. It must be an early beta screen. Also notice the picture of Roger in the simulator which isn't in the game or the documentation anywhere.


The next Voice You Hear... - complete
The following article is about Sierra's multimedia games. Sierra was just beginning to set up their own sound studio with Mark Seibert as their head guy. The article is basically about auditions and it persuades YOU to apply for a job as their new Mel Blanc.
Page one (230 KB)
Page two (252 KB)

The Official Guide to Roger Wilco's Space Adventures

This ad (229 KB) of the popular Space Quest hintbook (review here) appeared in the spring 1992 issue. They offer some pretty cool excerpts.


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