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InterAction Magazine > Sierra used to publish its own gaming magazine (which was called "Sierra Newsletter" and "Sierra News Magazine" before fall 1991). This chapter features SQ related articles of these magazines.

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Sierra News Magazine Summer 1991
Although released some time ago, Space Quest 4 (winter 1990) and Space Quest 1 (september 1990) were still "hot" stuff. Space Quest 4 was just re-released in Multimedia CD-ROM format (March 1991), so the eyes where once again focused upon the Space Quest games.

The cover on the right (175 KB) features our space hero, along with some other minor celebrities:

"Whoa, what a line-up! Can this much fun be legal? You may recognize the two suspicious characters on the left, but who's that guy with the bow? How about the rowdy kid with the skateboard? That sharp-dressed dragon on the end sure doesn't look worried. In fact, all of these playful perpetrators will plead "no contest" to First Degree Fun. To ferret out the facts in the case of Sierra's New Games, see the Fall Line-up preview on page 30! Meanwhile, take a look at computer gaming's "Most Wanted" list."


In Praise of One - SQ related part only
Is an article written by John Williams (Ken Williams' brother) about the new VGA remakes of Leisure Suit Larry, King's Quest, Police Quest and of course Space Quest:

"It's no secret that Sierra game sequels are the industry's hottest sellers. But as much as we here at Sierra love to get that next exciting installment out the door, we also love the classics; those first-in-a-series adventures that started it all, like the original King's Quest, Space Quest, or good old Leisure Suit Larry." You can click here for a scan (184 KB) of the Space Quest section of this article. A funny note: the Roger Wilco Comic books are also mentioned in this small article.


Official Space Quest 4 Hint Book Ad - complete
Click here (202 KB) for a cool ad.


Review from Game Player's Magazine - complete
Second is a review of Space Quest 4, reprinted with permission from Game Player's Magazine. An interesting thing about this article is a major screw up. They mentioned you can use the timepod to go to "Space Quest II: Vohaul's Revenge". Well, they probably mean Space Quest XII: Vohaul's Revenge II... Amateurs.... The following 5 pages are scans of this article:

Page 1 (209 KB)
Page 2 (250 KB)
Page 3 (226 KB)
Page 4 (262 KB)
Page 5 (268 KB)

The Official Guide to Roger Wilco's Space Adventures
- complete
This book is a large hintbook for the first 4 Space Quest games (review here). An ad (199 KB) of this book appeared in this issue of the Sierra News Magazine.

Weird rear - complete
The rear of this magazine features an ad for Space Quest 1, click here (213 KB) to take a look. It's special because it seems like they forgot to add the text! Compare it with the rear (193 KB) of the Roger Wilco Comic books issue 1 or 2 to see what I mean.


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