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Vohaul's Mines > Here you can find information about the upcoming Vohaul's Mines fanproject.

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Vohaul's Mine - Basic Plot

What would happen if Roger Wilco made it to the mines instead of getting stranded on Labion? You will have to make your may out of the mines, and to defeat Vohaul as well!


Vohaul's Mine - Demo Trailer

A demo trailer is available here (284 KB).


Vohaul's Mine - News February 2005

Vohaul's Mines - Early screenshotWhat if the hoovercraft that took Roger to the Orium Mines didn't run out of fuel? Fanproject "Vohaul's Mines" has just opened their new website and has released a trailer. The trailer shows the basic plot (which is based upon a fanfictional story I wrote for SpaceQuest.Net) and shows the general look and feel of the actual game.

After seeing this trailer, what conclusions can we make? I think a whole lot. My first impression is positive. I caught my 21-year-old-self feeling rather excited upon seeying the first original screen the team made. The graphics are very decent and I was glad to notice few graphics and animations taken from the original games. Some screens from The Lost Chapter and Replicated were taken from the original games and modified a bit. No challenge there. Let's hope Vohaul's Mines chooses to use hand-made backgrounds rather than plundering the original sourcecode of early Space Quest games. Vonster D Monster, designer of The Lost Chapter, is doing part-time work for the team, thus making his huge experience available to the Vohaul's Mines team. This alone should give the project a headstart in programming and in artwork. The team entrusted me with some early in-game screenshots and I was very impressed. Sadly, I'm not allowed to share those pictures with you.

Yet despite all this praise, it is clear when looking at the trailer that this project hasn't gone through - what I like to call - its "professionalization phase" yet. A phase all fanprojects must go through one time or another. It is clear that this fanproject has potential, no denying that, but it shares flaws from TLC. The backgrounds are missing detail and atmosphere; two very important elements that make scenes realistic and emersive. Now they are just that: pretty pictures but without the SQ soul. You probably ask yourself how it's possible to make 16 colour low resolution graphics emmersive? Well, can you remember how Scott and Mark achieved this? By creating an old shoe box diorama-like view. Vohaul's Mines clearly misses this.

My second point of critic is the use of texts and dialogue in the trailer. It comes close to being a pain. Not everything needs words to explain what's happening. For instance, we can all see the Apeman reaching down the counter but why do we need the text that follows? It's as if the designers are scared their audience will miss things. With over-doing the text bit, they create exactly the opposite of what I think they're trying to do: Be clear and understanble. The original Space Quest games, and any other early Sierra adventure for that matter, doesn't have all that much text. It can be said the project clearly misses somebody who's good with the ol' fashion pen. The texts are straight forward, dry, without humor and full with grammar mistakes. I know I'm being rather strict here. We must not forget we're seeying a very early look of the game, but that shouldn't keep the team from striving for perfection. Text and dialogue is what made the old Sierra games stand out. If there are any mistakes in the texts, people will most certainly judge the game for it. I therefore advice the team to look into this matter more closely before they release the actual game.

Is it fair to conclude THAT much from the trailer? It might sound to you like I'm axing this project. But I'm not. I think this project has truck loads of potential. It seems like they're avoiding the typical fangame route. Which is a good thing. They're not doing a new SQ. No, they're doing an alternative SQ which will start and end exactly the same as the original game thus not being an obsctruction to the SQ timeline. It takes true talent to be able to tackle a fancreation like that.

What if the hoovercraft that took Roger to the mines didn't crash? Coming as soon as possible.


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