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Fan images > The "fan phenomena" of the Space Quest Community is old and complex. Whether it's a story, an image or a video, fans have been writing fanfiction since the first fanpage appeared online.

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Scott Murphy wanted dead or alive
Scott Murphy: WANTED dead or alive!I've just returned from my vacation. Let me give you a word of advice: never trust a vacation-package sales agent who actually has enough fingers to count how many buckazoids he'll charge you for the slimy way he's about to rip you off. You see, I couldn't read the vacation-package waver form, because I had recently forgotten my glasses (an ancient Earth accessory for sight correction) on the dashboard of my timepod, which my estranged cousin stole... but that's another story. Anyway, the sales agent assured me that the space cruise destinations included such getaway hotspots as Estros, the famed Galaxy Galleria, and Risa. Needless to say, after signing away most of my life savings in buckazoids, I was shocked to find myself deposited on such inhospitable hellholes as Phleebhut, Polysorbate LX, and lastly, Kerona.

So there I was, sitting in a dingy bar in Ulence Flats, wearing my glasses (my disturbed cousin made a few mistakes while time travelling, and the glasses re-materialized in my pocket) and trying to read the indecipherably small fine-print on my copy of the vacation-package waver form, when a practically-mauled Keronian stumbled into the bar. I recoiled in shock as he focused a wild, furtive, desperate stare, and then his stumbling lurches, in my direction. Falling at my feet, he thrust a dirty leaflet into my hand. As he breathed his last, he managed to choke out: "Run."

Only later, when watching the vidnews in the comfort of my own home (having narrowly escaped from Kerona after a vicious firefight), did I hear the story of how this Keronian had been pursued halfway across Kerona, fighting off hordes of hungry Grell, to find someone, anyone, who would take that leaflet and make it known to the universe. So here it is - the portrait of a wanted man. It seems that the Galactic Port Authority is even more vindictive than the Gippazoid Novelty Company, and they don't want anyone, especially someone who might try to save this man, to get in their way.

You can click on the leaflet for a closer up (200 KB). This leaflet was sent to Scott Murphy on behalf of the entire Space Quest Community somewhere in April 2003, in hopes of receiving an e-mail from him. Sadly... He didn't reply.


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