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Space Quest 6 Spoofs and References > Space Quest 6 is chockfull with cool spoofs and references. This page lists them all.


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Spoofs and References
A reference to Wayne's World in one of the shuttles: when looking at it, the narrator gives a description, after which Roger delivers the W.W.-cliche: "It will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine." Additionally, instead of looking at it, try talking to it. Roger will say "I"d buy that for a dollar", which is a reference to Robocop in which a person on TV says the same thing.

When Roger looks in the mirror, the narrator says he sees a brunette overacting in a stone tower, afterwhich Roger squeals, "Mother, mother, come quick!". A reference to King's Quest VI.

The Popular Tecktronics CD-ROM in Nigel and Singent's apartment mentions an e-mail magazine called Mired. This is a spoof on an actual e-mag called "Wired".

The datacorder chips called Dentium, Repentium, Fermentium, Dimtel, and Spentium are all spoofs of Intel and their Pentium processors.

Circuit Sydney might be a poke at Data from Star Trek: TNG.

A rejected title of Space Quest 6 was "Roger Wilco in Innard Space". This is a spoof on a movie called "Inner Space". The movie itself features a space ship / submarine which gets miniaturized and explores a human body from the inside out. Scott Murphy explains: "I was something of an old fan of the old 'Fantastic Voyage' movie where they inject Racquel Welch-and and even bigger submarine-into a human body. The idea of a janitor loose in the same situation has serious possibilities."

Delta Burke - in personThe planet Delta Burksilon is a spoof on the actress Delta Burke.

Commander Kielbasa might be a poke at both Jean-Luc Picard from ST:TNG and the Kilrathi's in Origin's Wing Commander series.

When the narrator says during the intro: "In a deserted warehouse just outside the galaxy", it could be a poke at the Carmen Sandiago game, where each game begins with a similar remark.

Admiral Toolman could be a spoof on the Admiral Tolwyn from the Wing Commander series.

The "Abby Normal" brain in Fester's Implants-N-Stuff is from "Young Frankenstein".

The EndodroidThe endodroid is a mixture of the T-1000 Terminator from "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" and Roy Batty, who was the leader of the escaped Replicants in the movie "Blade Runner". This becomes apparent when Roger freezes the endodroid, and makes fun of the "Hasta la vista" phrase from T2. He says, "Frosta la kiester, baby".

Blaine Rohmer is obviously a spoof on the Blade Runners from Ridley Scott's "Blade Runner" movie.

Another Star Trek reference: Click the EYE-icon on the Sectors-command in the cyberspace office. The narrator says, "You probably want us to say something corny, like 'klingons in sector 2.8, Captain'.

Flembukit's multimedia wondermachine, 3DOA, is a spoof on Panasonic's 3DO console. And yes, the 3DO console is also highpriced and plays a half dozen bad arcade games.

One of Singent Flembukit's 3DOA CD's is "The Outpost Project Survival Guide". A spoof on Bruce Balfour's space strategy game, Outpost.

Stellar's first name might be derived from Dynamix's Stellar 7 games. Stellar's last name, Santiago, might be derived from Broderbund's "Carmen Santiago" games.

An un-complete movie title guide to the movies at the Polysorbate LX cinema marquee:
- Aliens's (Aliens)
- Bucket Dreams (Hoop Dreams)
- Fist Full of Buckazoids ("Fistfull of Dollars", a Clint Eastwood western)
- For a Few Buckazoids More ("For a Few Dollars More", another Clint Eastwood spaghetti western)
- Future Schlock ("Future Shock", a scifi thriller in VR, ca.1994)
- Gumby vs. Mr Bill (Gumby is a green stop-motion character and Mr. Bill is a character from the TV show Saturday Night Live, fighting as in Godzilla vs. Mothra)
- Hudson Hawk Goes to Washington ("Hudson Hawk" and "Mr Smith Goes to Washigton")
- Johnny Pneumatic ("Johnny Mnemonic", William Gibson scifi with Keanu Reeves)
- Josh Mandela: The Legend Continues (Josh Mandel was the original designer of SQ6, "Mandela" is a reference to Nelson Mandela)
- The Last of the Andromedans ("The Last of the Mohicans")
- The Last Stoogefighter ("The Last Starfighter")
- Linoleum Cheese: A Janitor's Tale (unkown reference)
- Little Debbie Does Delta Burksilon (an American porn film, Debbie Does Dallas. It's also a spoof on Little Debbie, a company that distributes cakes and cookies)
- Mary Ann vs. Ginger ("Gilligan's Island", the Mary Ann/Ginger sweetness feud)
- The Organ ("The Piano")
- Outpost: The Movie (A reference to Bruce Balfour's scifi strategy game, Outpost)
- Raiders of the Lost Semicircle ("Raiders of the Lost Ark", the first Indiana Jones movie)
- Razing Arizona ("Raising Arizona", with Nicholas Cage)
- So I Married an Endodroid ("So I Married an Axe-Murderer", horror)
- Space Quest 1: The Sarien Encounter
- Space Quest 2: Vohaul's Revenge
- Space Quest 3: The Pirates of Pestulon
- Space Quest 4: Roger Wilco and the Time Rippers
- Space Quest 5: The Next Mutation
- Space Quest 6: Roger Wilco and the Colon of Doom
- Space Quest 7: The Musical
- Star Trek XVIII: The Search for Kahn's Implanted Pecs ("Star Trek 2: Kahn's Revenge" and "Star Trek 3: The Search for Spock)
- Superman vs. Batman
- Tango & Cash XXVII: The Sequel ("Tango and Cash", Sly Stallone)
- Think Tank Girl ("Tank Girl", comic based movie)
- Triple X-Files ("X-Files", supernatural tv-series)
- True Flies ("True Lies", Arnold Schwarzenegger)
- Zorbot the Greek ("Zorba the Greek, Anthony Quinn)

Beleauxs' books in the lab include "The Hunt for Red Corpuscle" (The Hunt for Red October) and "All I Need to Know I Learned from the Q Continuum" - the Q Continuum is the being-place for the Q entity in Star Trek TNG and DS9.

A graffiti on the wall outside the arcade on Polysorbate LX reads "DARMOK+JALOD 4EVER". A reference to the Star Trek: TNG episode, "Darmok".

The Qodrac Mobile Photo Booth is a spoof on the Kodak Non-Mobile Photo Booth.

The Mister Soylent food replicators is a spoof on an old scifi movie entitled "Soylent Green". The movie is in the future where humans have used up all of the Earth's resources and have to live underground because the air is so polluted. The only thing left to eat on the planet is a nutrient supplement called Soylent Green. Also in the future, the "leaders" decide when you're old enough to die. When it's your "time", you're sent to a special room where you can be "enlightened" before dying. Well, the story goes, two guys who were deemed fit to die, didn't want to. So they got away and began to wander around. They found the "enlightenment room" and found out what they were doing with the dead people. They were processing them into, yes you guessed it, the Soylent Green machines! So now you know what the Soylent Clear jingle means when it says, "Clearly less people, clearly more taste!"

During the introduction, Admiral Toolman throws Roger's underpants up into the air, and they turn into the DeepShip 86. This is a take-off of the intro from Stanley Kubric's "2001: A Space Oddysey", in which a monkey throws a skeleton bone into the air which turns into a spaceship.

Jebba the Hop is a spoof on the evil snail-guy, Jabba the Hutt, in the sixth Star Wars episode.

Several elements from "Back to the Future" are mentioned in the Popular Tecktronics CD-ROM at Nigel and Singent's apartment. Check under the section "Building a Time Machine out of a DeLorean".

When using Doctor Beleauxs' computer communications system, the name "Plodigy" pops up. This is a spoof on "Prodigy", and yes, it used to be as slow as the artists made it out to look like.

Dorff mentions "Daventry VIII" as a planets name when Roger's locked up in the brig, occasionally. Daventry is, as we all know, the home of the characters in the King's Quest series.

When talking to the portal in the Ascend-o-Pad on Delta Burksilon, you get a highpitched voice saying "If you're going in there, Graham, I'm staying out here!". This is from King's Quest V, where Cedric the Owl sais that to King Graham.

8-Rear is a spoof on 10-Forward, the ship's lounge on "Star Trek: The Next Generation".

In the brig, there's an invisible monster called "The Creature from the Ego". This is a reference to Forbidden Planet, where there was an invisible monster called "The Monster from the Id".

The Bjorn collective is a spoof on the Borg from Star Trek: The Next Generation. The name for the Bjorn collective may have come from a Swedish tennis player, whose name was (and probably still is) Bjorn Borg. Scott Murphy adds: "The theory on the Bjorn is correct. Tennis is great and Bjorn Borg was well known to both Josh and I. It was a natural."

Almost all the drinks on Polysorbate LX are spoofs of famous scifi writers.

- Raymond E. Feisterbray (Raymond E. Feist)
- Samuel Douglas Adams (Douglas Adams + Sam Adams (beer))
- Alan Dean Foster's Draft Ale (Alan Dean Foster)
- "Wicked ale from Ray's Bradbrewery" (Ray Bradbury)
- Silverberg Bullet (Robert Silverberg)
- Ursula K. LeGuinness Stout (Ursula K. LeGuin + Guinness (beer)
- Harlon Aleison (Harlan Ellison)
- Beers Anthony (Piers Anthony)
- "a wild-roddenberry flavored stuff" (Gene Roddenberry)
- Heinleinekin (Robert Heinlein + Heineken (beer)
- Sappournelle (Jerry Pournelle + Sauvignon (white wine)
- Marion Zima Bradley (Marion Zimmer and/or Bradley Denton) (Zima is a "clear beverage", a.k.a. "clear beer")
- Watney's Red Planet (Watney's Red Barrel is a beer)
- Asimov Cocktail (Isaac Asimov)
- William Gibson (William Gibson)

Drinks on Polysorbate LX that are not spoofs on scifi writers:
- Jurassic Dark (a spoof on Spielberg's "Jurassic Park" movie)
- Babylon .45 (a spoof on the tv-series "Babylon V")
- Star Beck (a spoof on "Star Trek"; the slogan for this beer is "it makes you go where no man has gone before", a spoof on the wellknown Star Trek opening monologue)
- Major Kirin (Major Kira from Star Trek DS + Kirin is also a Japanese alcoholic beverage)
- Red Dog (a spoof on Red Dog, a beer)

The game's slogan: "In Space No One Can Hear You Clean" is a spoof on Ridley Scott's slogan for the Alien movies, "In Space No One Can Hear You Scream".

Check out page 10 of the Popular Janitronics manual that comes with SQ6. Under ANNOUNCEMENTS there's a bit titled "Public Notice: Fictitious Business Name Statement", which confirms everybody's true fear: That Sierra-programmer William Shockley is doing business as a cyberdate!

Doctor Hayden Beleauxs' computer monitor is from Cyberdyne, which we all know is the hightech company that invented the Skynet-chips in the Terminator- movies.

The opening sequence is kidding around with the movie JUDGE DREDD, in which Stallone is also stripped, although they didn't go as far out as in SQ6.

About the name of the DeepShip 86... "DeepShip" is a re-write of the colorful phrase, "being in deep shit". To be "86'ed" means to be forced to leave a place or premises and be encouraged not to come back. The name also comes from the third Star Trek series, which was entitled Deep Space Nine.

The name kielbasa, as in Commander Kielbasa, is actually that of a Polish sausage.

When Roger is on the Ascend-O-Pad, using the mouth icon on the wall will make Roger "mistake it for lickable wallpaper", which is a reference to the movie "Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory" (the original version with Gene Wilder). Roger comments "the snozzberries taste like snozzberries!".

The arcade games on Polysorbate LX are all spoofs on some recognizable games.
- "NBA ToeJam" (Acclaim's "NBA Jam")
- "Mixed up Mother Theresa" (Roberta Williams' "Mixed Up Mother Goose")
- "Stooge Fighter III" (Capcom's "Street Fighter II")
- "Secret Recipes of the Luftwaffe" (LucasArts' "Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe")
- "Beat the Crap out of Urkel" (Urkel was the annoying geek-star of a comedy show in 80's. He would constantly play accordion and act all stupid and clumsy.)
- "More Dull Kombat II" (Acclaim's "Mortal Kombat II")
- "Disembowling for Dollars" ("Bowling for Bucks", a US game show)

One of the screens in the arcade features two clay fighters fighting, as in the game "Clay Fighter", but they're pitted against each other on a tall, narrow stone bridge like in the first MK-game from Acclaim. Hmm...

Commander Kielbasa's scratching post/command center is capable of getting him to level six of "Super Nunzio World". Obviously a parody of Nintendo's "Super Mario World". Also, a part of the console looks exactly like those Gravis GamePads (It's NOT an SNES joypad!).

If you use the MOUTH icon on the console of Kielbasa's command post, Roger says "Computer, what's the airspeed velocity of a laden swallow?", to which the computer replies "African or European?", followed by Roger saying "I don't know!" and finishes with Gary Owens cutting in to say "Hey hey hey! Enough of that. Let's move on.". Obviously a reference to Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

The cyberspace receptionist is called Sys Inny - a name which, when pronounced "correctly", becomes a Windows 95 system file: SYSTEM.INI.

One of the building machines in cyberspace is a spoof on one of the weapons in DOOM. The yellow machine to the left is called a BFD-9000 Cyberearth mover (the seventh weapon in DOOM is called a BFG-9000).

A graffiti in the brig on the DeepShip 86 reads "Sarek Lies!", in reference to Star Trek, where one of the characters is a Vulcan named Sarek.

When talking to the brig replicator, Roger will say: "Tea. Earl Grey. Hot," in reference to Captain Picard in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

When exiting SQ6 or playing Stooge Fighter III, you get a message saying "Game over, man". This is a direct quote from the movie Aliens. A character called Hudson cries out at one point: "That's it man, game over man, game over!"

After Stellar's tragic death by explosion, Roger shouts "Stellar". This is a spoof on the movie "A Streetcar Named Desire".

During Stellars funeral Roger says: "Of all the souls I have encountered in my cleaning, her's were the most scu ... scuff ... SCUFF- RESISTANT! <breaks out in tears>". This sequence is completely reminiscant of the burial scene in "Star Trek II" (or was that number three?), where Kirk gives Spock his last words before they shoot the coffin into outer space.

When Roger is being chased by the gigantic gallstone in Stellar's digestive systems, Josh Mandel was clearly trying to get on LucasFilm's nerves. That's a downright steal of the opening sequence in the Indiana Jones movie, "Raiders of the Lost Ark".

Roger Wilco jumps into the acid.When Roger jumps into the stomach acid inside Stellar's body, the death message is a reference to the Wizord of Oz. It state: "That's pretty far to go just to do your Wizard of Oz Impression."

When you're inside Stellar's body and you insert the CD-Rom into the slot in the shuttle's cockpit it starts the Nanite tracking program. On the screen it says at one point: "Cracked by The Numbnuts Guys". This is a reference to The Humble Guys, a well-known and feared software cracking group back in the days. Did you know they actually distributed a (buggy) SQ4 beta?

When on top of Stellar's stomach, click the eye icon on the door on the side of the ship. The narrator will say: "That little thing? That's the stolen, miniaturized door to your stolen, miniaturized shuttle. Good eyesight! Now we'll have to do one of those puzzles where you have to find a one-pixel coin or something. But hey, who'd design a mean, unfair puzzle like THAT?" This is obviously poking fun at King's Quest VI, since twice in the game, you have to find and take a - literally - one-pixel large coin.

The Vulgar nervegrip is obviously a spoof on the Vulcan nervegrip that Spock so often uses in the original Star Trek series.

The sentence "Big Brother is watching you!", which appears on the scrolling board in the shuttlebay entrance, an often-used sentence in the book "1984".

The name "Polysorbate" (as in Polysorbate LX) is a food additive.

Graffiti on one of the cells in the brig reads “Major Tom was here,” the name is a reference to a space-themed song from the 80s by David Bowie.

The narrator’s description of the food replicator in the brig “Where the StarCon elite meet to eat” is a parody on the slogan of Duffy’s Tavern, from an old American radio program of the same name.

Talk to the computer on Kielbasa’s Command Center/Scratching Post to get a Monty Python reference.

Use HANDS on the Subspace Control Controller to get a Twilight Zone reference. For another reference to a particular episode of The Twilight Zone, talk to the portal on the right side of the Ascend-O-Pad (NOT the door). “’Listen to me! To Serve Mankind’…it’s a COOKBOOK!”


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