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Space Quest 6 Patches > This chapter contains software to repair or update your game. It also contains a fix to solve the timer problems!


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Space Quest 6 Patches

Timer Problem Patch
Space Quest 6 contains several timer issues. For instance, you won't be able to get the Endodroid Runner guy to talk with you. Later on, you'll find Elmo and bump into the same problem. Normally you just have to talk to them twice, but Roger only says "Hey" and they walk away without talking back. But also if the game scrolls, it scrolls to a black screen, leaving you impossible to interact with the game.
Next is probably THE most notorious bug of the entire Space Quest series; the Error 47, aka the Compost Crash and Sickbay Sickness™. It happens when you try to use the datacard in the ComPost in Sickbay. The game will crash and output:

Error 47: Not an object: $0
script 64994/$f29

To fix these problems, check out my very complete Timer Issue article by clicking on the link above. The article contains links to programs, utilities, fixes, patches and tips you can use to fix the timer problems! For starters, check out this webpage. New Rising Sun has developed some awesome fixes that COMPLETELY ELIMINATE the timer problems. The website includes enough information how to install the patches correctly. These patched are HIGHLY recommended and preferred in favour of slow down utilities and emulators.


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