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Space Quest 6 Playable Demo > Here you can download the official playable Space Quest 6 demo which is a Space Quest mini adventure in itself. Your goal is to save your fellow crew members from the evil Bjorn Collective.


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About the Space Quest 6 Playable Demo
The story of the SQ6 playable demo takes place aboard the DeepShip 86. It's a perfectly normal, trivial, boring day. Roger is cleaning the outside windows of the DeepShip, and the bridge is buzzing with normal, trivial, boring activity. Suddenly the Bjorn Collective appears in their impossible-cube-shaped spaceship. They beam aboard the bridge and transform all crew members into scoops of lemon sorbet. Roger is the only one to go unnoticed. He ventures inside and must rescue his crewmates by defeating the head Bjorn, who is currently sucking out all the data from the ships harddrive.

The entire game takes place aboard the DS86, with only four rooms avaliable to explore: The shuttlebay, Roger's quarters, the bridge and 8-Rear. A funny, but meaningless note: pressing any of the function keys on your keyboard will crash the demo.


Download the Space Quest 6 Playable Demo
Total file size: 99.1 MB
Note: works with Dos and Windows

Click here to download the demo files (10.3 MB)
Click here to download the resource.aud file (88.8 MB)

To install the game, extract the two zip files into a folder named "SQ6 Demo" on your harddrive and run the install file.


Solution for the Space Quest 6 Playable Demo
You start out in the shuttlebay. Open the hatch to the Deepship 86 shuttle (middle, right row). Open the glove compartment. Take the duct tape and pliers. Combine the duct tape and pliers. Go outside and use the ComPost to travel to Roger's quarters. Take the ClapMaster from the dresser. Use the pliers with reinforced handle on the plug, where one of the ClapMaster pins are stuck. Combine the pin with the ClapMaster. Travel to 8-Rear. Look in the ComPost entity database under "Bjorn". Find the replicator code for Bjorn Chow. Use the Mr. Soylent food replicator in 8-Rear to get some Bjorn Chow (replicator code 7469410). Travel to the bridge. Put the Bjorn Chow on Commander Kielbasa's command center/scratching post. The Bjorn leader will start chowing down on it. Put the ClapMaster into the socket on the command center/scratching post. Roger will automatically use the ClapMaster to fry the Bjorn. After the Bjorn leader is dead, search him and get the Sorbet Bioconverter belt. In your inventory, click the HAND-icon on the belt.

Computer... end simulation...


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