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Space Quest 6 Inventory Items > This page describes the inventory items and includes information on their location and usage. Please keep in mind that you might not want to see the information below if you're new to the game.


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That's your current Buckazoid collection. This intergalactic money (aka spendola) is used to buy photo's, Coldsorian Brandy, a night at the Dew Beam Inn and several other junk.

It's your trusty whisk broom and dust pan. It's right there inside your pockets from the very start of the game. You took it with you to the surface of Polysorbate LX with the thought: "Don't go on shoreleave unequipped". Used to mop up the frosen endodroid.

Never knew our Roger was a photo model. You can get the photos in the Qodrac Mobile Photo Booth (recently recalled by the manufacturer) and it's used on the alien ID card.

It's the alien ID you snagged from that rusty bike. That's a fairly hideous picture of the former owner. It makes the average Department of Motor Vehicles photographer look like Ansel Adams. Used to make people think you're somebody important. It'll get you that special drink in the Orion's Belt bar when you show it to the right person.

This is the datacorder you got from that endodroid hunter dude. Used for hunting down the endodroid and used to make a homing beacon.

It's a twisted mass of hookah hoses. Found at the druggies' table and used to capture the endodroid.

It's a fairly heavy and solid piece of pipe. Found in the basement of the Orion's Belt Bar and used to capture the endodroid.

It's an icecube tray! Found inside the fridge and used to capture the endodroid.

It's that Coldsorian brandy. Yuck! It has a fish floating in the bottom. Oh well, to each their own. It can be aquired in the Boot Liquor store and is used to get the cheat sheet from Elmo.

It's the Stooge Fighter 3 cheat sheet you got from Elmo. You'll need it if you want to beat good ol' Djurkwhad.

It's the keycard to your luxurious suite at the charming Dew Beam Inn. The room number is 1220 J. You get it from the Dew Beam Inn manager and is used for... Well, what do you think this is used for?

That's the keyring nail you got from the wall. Found inside Singent's room and used to free yourself from those chains.

It's that static-laden cheapo polystyrene rug you ripped from the wall. It's used to disable Lard Boy (aka Singent).

It's that lardmaster's keyring. Used to open the door of Singent's room.

It's a somewhat damaged CD Rom disc. Found on Singent's desk and used to find information about the datacorder.

It's a burlesque moddie. Found on the portable dehumidifier and used to evade Nigel.

That's the churlish moddie you found in that box. Used to evade Nigel. Better look up the word "churlish" before doing something "stupid".

It's Nigel's belt, complete with the Damping Field Actuator and nifty Personal Grooming Assistant. Ironicly, the belt itself is fairly useless.

A Personal Grooming Assistant. Found on Nigel's belt and used to retrieve the hair.

A Damping Field Actuator. Found on Nigel's belt and used to shut down the damping field. I hope you have the unreclaimed actuator from "My First Damping Field", though. The reclaimed version had the nasty habbit of blocking out all forms of tele communications within a 5 mile radius (a nice legacy from the famous Telecommunications War). Needless to say, those (illegal) versions are rather in demand on the black market.

Yuck, it's the hair you pulled from Nigel's Personal Grooming Assistant. It's used to find information about that thug's past. That is, if you find a way to pursuade Jebba the Hop to use the DNA Analyser. Offering him a free plunge job might just do the trick!

This is the Subroutine Program Card you got from the sickbay DNA Analyzer. When used on one of those ComPosts, you'll be able to retrieve information about Nigel's Information Superhighway file.

It's the Crap-O-Matic adjustable piston. Found inside the Delta Burksilon hospital room and used to open the elevator doors.

That's your relatively pathetic eugoly for Stellar. It took us only 5 sequels to find out Roger is a worthless writer. I wonder how many more it'll take find out how good the guy is in bed... On a second thought, I'm not sure if I want to know, actually.

That, my friends, is Roger's only friend and only means of escaping the brig. Made up of Yoda Ears, Bobbit Kabobs, a Rack of Orat, two Baguettes, Tubers, a Melon and Gragh.

It's the doughnut you fliched from the food cart. Mix this item with some Morphin, feed it to your mom (or some other pet) and in return you'll get hours'o'fun. it's used to get passed the Shuttle Bay Guards.

It's a bottle of Morphin. It's used to poison the doughnut.

It's the right arm Circuit Sydney was so kind to lend you. It's used to open the Shuttle Bay entrance doors.

This is Sydney's left eye. Making miss use of your friends (organic or mechanic) and you shall go to places where no man has mopped the floor! Really! That is, when using it in the Shuttle to pass the Retinal Scan.

It's a key with a little button thingie attached to it. Found in the pockets of Chesbro, it's used to disable the Shuttle's alarm.

It's a tube of Elmo's Gluzall. This seriously means it glues all, including pets, the mouths of little kids and Modulating Crystals. It's found inside the Shuttle's glove compartment.

It's a piece of Divalium crystal. It's found inside the Datacorder/Homingbeacon and it's used to power the Datacorder/Homingbeacon and to fix the Modulating Crystal. These babies sure beat the crap out of those 20th century energizer cylinders.

It's the recall notice for the owner's manual. it reads " Dear Hamm Shuttle Owner. It has come to our attention that there is a minor misprint in the owner's manual for the 1000 series of shuttles. Until a new manual can be acquired, please disregard page 73, paragraph 4 of that manual." Yikes! It's found at the back of the chair and is used to jump-start the engines.

It's the "Help!" sign from the shuttle's trunk. It's used to.... You guessed it: Getting help.

These are the shuttle's jumper cables. That sure doesn't make you feel real secure about this spacecraft if those are standard equipment. Found inside the shuttle's trunk and used to jump-start the engines (if supplied with an alien infested ship).

This is a photo taken with the Photo Triangulation System. It's found inside the shuttle's cockpit, and used to make it back to Polysorbate LX.

It's the Callahan moddie you scavenged from Delta Burksilon V. It's found inside that "Hi-Tek" box on Delta Burksilon V and used to get the cyberspace jack.

It's a transport signaler. Given to you by a virtual assistant called Manual, this real-life signaler is used to beam from and to the Shuttle.

That's the cyberspace jack, used to enter the Information Superhighway. Can be aquired at Implants'n'Stuff. Good to see that's store isn't completely useless after all.

It's the screwdriver you found outside the cyberspace trailer. It's used to match the card's number with the counter.

It's the number three card you took from the card dispenser. It's used to gain access into the File Room.

It's a virtual folder from the virtual file room, containing several highly sensitive virtual information sheets.

These are the printouts of the virtual files you've collected from cyberspace as evidence against Dr. Beleauxs.

It's the virtual plank you found at the construction site. It's used to cross the cap of the Information Superhighway. Boy, they sure compress data efficiently these days. This baby can easily fit in one's pocket!

It's the Subroutine Program Disc the doctor gave you. It enables you to navigate through Stellar's body and locate the nanites. The disk will be given to Roger prior to his inner journey.

It's the most indespensible item in the universe: duct tape. It's found inside shuttle's glove box and used to tape the capillaries together.

It's the pump you retrieved from the shuttle trunk. It reminds you of one of those hand pumps you use when the astrohead plugs up. It's used to pump some bile into your helmet.

That's your helmet. It's used to, uuhmmm, I mean for... Man, what is more obvious than this item? You can find it inside the shuttle. Have fun with it.

It's the bundle of capillaries you appropriated from Stellar. It's used to pump up some bile.

You're the first one on your block to actually possess someone else's alveoli! It's found on the shuttle when you're inside Stellar's body, and used to open up the blockage in the duct.

It's a piece of that stringy stuff from celery and a piece of staple. You wonder what was on the menu for Stellar's last meal. The two items make a perfect grappling hook. The items can be found in the stomach, and is used to get inside the Esophagus. What ever that means.

These are the candies you retrieved from Stellar's stomach. They melt in your hands, not in the stomach.

It's one of those ticklish pinfeather things. Found inside the stomach and used to make Stellar swallow.

Those are the gallstoned you collected as souvenirs from Stellar's common bile duct. Used to make the nanobots fight with each other.

It's one of those neat little timed-release time pills. Used to convince the tapeworm of actually doing something useful.

It's a paper clip from Stellars' appendix. You're definitely going to have to talk to Stellar about her eating habits -- that is, if you make it out of her body. Used to stimulate Stellar's Cough Center.

It's a broken fingernail tip you scavenged from Stellar's appendix. Used to cut an opening in the brain's lining.

It's a chunk of silver tooth filling you found in Stellar's appendix. Used to supply the ship with a nice new load of silver.

A fish from that bottle of Coldsorian Brandy you got from Elmo... And it's rotting, I might add. It's used to take care of the grandmother of ages - Sharpei.
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