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Space Quest 6 Plot Inconsistencies > The designers of Space Quest have made some small mistakes and overlooked certain details. This resulted in funny plot inconsistencies. I've listed them below.


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Plot Inconsistencies

Roger Wilco's TableIn Space Quest IV, Roger brings the cigar stump from the mall, and after using it in the Super Computer in SQ12, he DISCARDS it, and does not go back to pick it up after rescuing Roger Jr. But in Space Quest 6, it is lying on the table in Roger's room as a souvenir.

When you're in the Holocabana for Stellar's funeral the chaplain is described as a "holo-chaplain", which means he must be a hologram. However, he leaves through the pneumatic transport system. If he was a hologram, he wouldn't be able to leave the confines of the room. Also, looking at the chaplain outputs: "Stunningly real, don't you think?".

During the opening sequence Admiral Toolman states: "However, due to your successful return of the SCS Eureka, your rescue of the Goliath's crew..." Any SQ5-player would know that Roger blows up the SCS Eureka at the end of SQ5 and returns with the SCS Goliath!

Roger offers Jebba the Hop a "free plunge job, day or night". But when trying to take the Autobucks-card in Roger's quarters, you're told that "you have no need for money aboard the DeepShip, everything's free".

The Autobucks ATM-card was found in the future of Space Quest 10 in the Galaxy Galleria, where it is fully functional (Roger uses the money from the card to purchase a dress). However, in the present of Space Quest 6, the card is expired.

New!Roger disappears physically into the metaphysical cyber universe and when he comes back, he can bring a cyber object with him (namely the plank). Isn't that a bit too unreal, even for Space Quest? Imagine programming a few buckazoids for yourself!


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