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Space Quest 6 Easter Eggs > An "easter egg" is a hidden feature intended to be found by the player. Easter eggs started out as a method of rebellion by early game programmers who were not allowed to take credit for their work.


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Space Quest 6 Easter Eggs
Josh' TributeYou can find two eggs while seated in the shuttle. The first egg gives the player access to a menu of the game's various SVGA cutscenes. The second is a tribute to SQ6 co-designer Josh Mandel. Follow these directions to access them:
To access the movies:
Turn the power on
Open the glove box
Press the Movies button
Press the red button on the right steering wheel.

To access the tribute:
Turn the power on
Open the glove box
Press the Games button
Press the red button on the right steering wheel.

In the cyberspace office, clicking the EYE-cursor on the background produces the response: "You saw it here first. A preview of the famed information superhighway. Wow!". However, after six or seven more clicks, the narrator will say: "Wow! This makes my nipples hard!" instead.

If you play Stooge Fighter III on the birthdays of three programmers, the names of the stooges will change. The following birthdays work ...
- Michael Lytton April 11th
- Steve Conrad January 3rd
- William Shockley December 29th

Sydney going nutsIf you enter 8-Rear and your computer date is set to Halloween (31st Oct) or Michael Lytton's birthday, Circuit Sydney's head will start following you around, with its eyes glowing.

If you Ctrl+Click on the video screen in 8-Rear 7 times, the programmer's "Renegade Credits" will appear. You'll also be rewarded by Roger saying "I'm Roger Wilco and I'll kick your ass! I know where you live" at the end.

If there's a nebulae in the 8-Rear window, click on it several times. Eventually it should start to palette cycle. This doesn't seems to work with most Space Quest 6 versions out there.

In the cyberspace file room, there's a secret drawer under "S", that you don't really need in order to complete the game. Among the files in the drawers, two instantly spring to eye: "Space Quest 7" and "Space Quest Team".

How does a game know when you're using a walk-through? Well, when you find a hidden file that you shouldn't know about yet, that's a good indicator. In Cyberspace in SQ6, just try pulling the file on Project Immortality before you've actually read about it in Doctor Beleaux's file.

Among the many movie titles on the Polysorbate Theater-marquee, one reads "MICHELE ALESHIRE, WILL YOU MARRY ME?". Michele Aleshire is William Shockley's fiancee and they were married only a short time after Space Quest 6 was completed.


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