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Space Quest 6 Characters > Roger meets interesting characters in Space Quest 6. Please keep in mind that you might not want to see the information below if you're new to the game.


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Singent Flembukit and Nigel Rancid
Nigel RancidSingent Flembukit
Those are some interesting-looking dudes. Must be a couple of real losers since they seem to be dateless. Of course, that won't be a problem for you once word gets around that you've hit this planet. Singent and Nigel are hired thugs working for the evil Sharpei. She ordered the abduction of Roger Wilco.

The Dew Beam Inn Manager

The Dew Beam Inn ManagerHe looks like he's an expert on energy conservation, mainly his. He looks friendly now, try to keep it that way. This guy is real sleazy. I'm sure StarCon didn't forget to book a room for Roger. It's kust another "smart marketing technique" to fool the weak. Too bad Roger fits nicely into that category. Oooh well.

Pa Conshohocken

Pa Conshohocken
This is the proprietor of Boot Liquor. He sits behind the counter by his favorite possession - something he values greater than his own life - the cash register. Pa's been in business for quite a while, as his grizzled look might attest.

The Orion's Belt bartender

The Orion's Belt bartender
A quick look indicates that the bartender is physically well-balanced and adroid, a good combination for his profession. The shirt would further indicate that he has the mentality for it.


Vicious, fast and skilled, Djurkwhad has spent hours behind the Stooge Fighter 3 arcade game perfecting his moves, both secret and finish moves. He's famous for not having lost so much as one game. It's rumored Djurkwhad has connections with the slave colonies on Irregion V.

Elmo Pug

Elmo Pug
Elmo has definitely taken a turn for the worse. After Roger kicked Elmo's butt in that Nukem Dukem robot, Elmo was the laughing stock around Scumsoft, marking his last days. Oooh well, if that hadn't gotten Elmo, some of his creative management techniques would have. These days, Elmo has got to maintain a fairly modest profile, I guess you could say. Time heals wounds and all that. You can find him stumbling around the streets of Polysorbate LX, searching for a bottle of his favorite hooch (Coldsorian Brandy), while smelling like a barfed out space pork. Elmo is humiliated to admit that he is, on rare occasion, resorted to selling cheat sheets for arcade games.

Fester Blatz

Fester Blatz
Yikes! Can it be? Why, yes, it is. It's Fester, Fester Blatz. Former owner and proprietor of Fester's World O' Wonders, a cheesy little tourist trap on the desert planetoid of Pleebhut. The t-shirt looks - and, unfortunately, smells - like the same one he wore on Phleebhut. He has the expression of someone enjoying a permanent wedgie. He has aged somewhat. Looks like he's grown a few more neck rings. These last few years have been rough on him. From what you remember of him, he used to be kind of an aqua blue. Now he looks like a used LungLiner™ or the color of a Vorillian miner's loogie. Fester's from a rare rhinosupian species where the babies are born, but climb into their parents' cavernous noses where they continue to grow until they fall out from their sheer weight (Or from a real good sneeze from their parental unit). He apparently decided to set up "Implants 'n Stuff" after years of solitude on that plantetoid Phleebhut. Well, let's hope he strikes rich here on Polysorbate LX. Fat chance, I'm sure.

The Endodroid

The EndodroidThe new version of Endodroids are made of liquid metal called Droidium. Blaine Rohmer is after this particular specimen because it made some people mad: It jumped out of its program and kind of killed and/or mangled a score or so of co-workers and, more importantly, management personnel. A big no-no. No big deal, Blaine Rohmer just has to take him in for analysis and processing.

Blaine Rohmer - The Endodroid Runner

Blaine Rohmer - The Endodroid Runner
This person is shrouded in secrecy. We do know that Blaine is an endodroid hunter for Spore Inc. He offered our janitor 50 buckazoids if Roger could help him out with catching this particular violent Endodroid.

Corpsman Stellar Santiago

Corpsman Stellar Santiago Roger must have had a major malfunction when he hooked up with this girl. But you know what they say: "The looks aren't everything". Guess it can be blamed on Roger's dumb luck that he had a chance - a once-in-a-life-time-experience - to explore her inner-side. Boy, can you image Roger was just a tiny bit disappointed after that Inner Voyage? Whatever one might think of Stellar, she sure is loyal towards her friends.

Jebba the Hop

Jebba the HopHe's just one of those StarCon Sickbay people who do just about anything by the book in hopes of promotion... Jebba the Hop isn't one of those people who think rules are meant to be broken.. But he'll bend one or two anyway if you know what to offer him (he's a sucker for those "free plunge jobs"). Did I mention he had to remove those two ugly looking tattoo's from his upper arms to join StarCon?


Kielbasa Feline Chief of the Deepship 86. Kielbasa is a StarCon Captain with a manual. Goes to where no cat has gone before ONLY if you bring along his litter box (a man, I mean cat, just has to have his private place to think up brilliant idea's) and his Basket/Command Module (which comes complete with electrical sockets and the Gravis Gamepad)...

As punishments of his bad combat decisions during the famous Telecommunications Wars some years ago, StarCon vowed to punish Kielbasa when they thought the time was right. And that time came when Roger Wilco, our most beloved janitor (Sanitation Engineer please), was decommissioned from his Captain rank and was sent to resume his duties as Janitor Second Class onboard Kielbasa's ship. Those StarCon superiors are so inventive.

Admiral Toolman

Admiral ToolmanAlthough he was a Rear-Admiral in the days when Admiral's Blundtphang served StarCon, Toolman was actually nothing but a little coffee boy / butt kisser (the true reason why this guy was ever promoted to Rear-Admiral in the first place). What's with the Terminator eye thing, you ask? Spilling hot boiling coffee all over the place just doesn't do good. Spilling it in zero gravity is even worse, let me tell ya. It was only after Blundtphang's death that Toolman was promoted to Admiral.


SharpeiThe widow of the famous StarCon Admiral Blundtphang is involved in building the Golden Lightyear off-world retirement community. Sharpei is extremely fearful of dying and it is rumored she's working on a project called "Immortality". As the Popular Jantronics once perfectly stated: "Immortality, a process by which rich old farts can become young again at someone else' expense." She mysteriously disappeared some time ago.


DorffNear-sighted security flop and old friend of Kielbasa. His life motto? "Follow your nose if you can't see anything." And his nose just happens to point right down to his.... Uuhmm....

Well, good thinking!

Circuit Sidney
Circuit SidneyOne of the few friends Roger has aboard the Deepship 86. Sidney is programmed to be loyal towards good willing fellow deck-mates aboard the Deepship... Guess those MicroSoft Quality Assurance guys still do a pretty shitty job in the 23rd century. Sidney is always willing to lend friend a hand... Literally.

Shuttle Bay Guards

Shuttle Bay Guards
Yep, it's Opus and Chesbro guarding that Shuttle Bay Entrance. Nobody knows why the entrance needs guarding in the first place.

Manual Auxverride

Manual AuxverrideAlways 95,2% certain of his action, Manual is the perfect solution for most of your Hammster Shuttle problems. Ask him stuff like: "How can I burn CD's?" or "How can I print a word document?" and you'll soon find this guy is a lot more helpful than his virtual grandfather called "Clippy".

Dr. Belleauxs

Dr. BelleauxsDr. Belleauxs was Sharpei's faithful side kick and the genius behind Project Immortality. He fell for her... Correction, he fell for her hard. And although he knew the things he did for Sharpei were wrong, Dr. Belleauxs continued to carry out his work for her in the name of love. When Roger managed to make Dr. Belleauxs realize how wrong Project Immortality was, Belleauxs helped Roger undoing his evil work.

Sis Inny

Sis InnyYes! You bet your bitmap it is! It's Sis Inny, the Information Superhighway Office Receptionist (ISOR) and 64 by 64 pixel momma (This image is only 49X48 though). How boring.
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