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Space Quest 6 Planets > There's actually just one planet Roger visits in Space Quest 6. Two if you also count Delta Burksilon V. Please keep in mind that you might not want to see the information below if you're new to the game.


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Polysorbate LXPolysorbate LX
Known throughout the Galaxy for its highest rate of assaults, robbery's and homicides per 1000 citizens (the suicide rate has yet to be published). AND being the most polluted planet known to man (and woman too). The pollution made the planet's surface very dark, even during day time. Nasty carbon dioxide clouds keep the warmth in, and keep out the daylight. Polysorbate has claimed itself "a genuine tourist's paradise for people who wants to get away from it all".

The Gorminium Asteroid BeltThe Gorminium Asteroid Belt
This rare photograph shows the only known settlement inside this large asteroid belt, located just outside the galaxy. It is said to be a deserted warehouse, but no one can explain why the settlement's lights are still burning after three or more decades. Nobody has the guts to visit it, as recent salvage operations never returned...

Delta Burksilon V
Delta Burksilon V was founded by Xenonians as a research colony. The planet is famous for its spectacular sunset and its marine life bio diversity (the planet is covered for 95% with water). It's therefore not very surprising that most colony structures are located at sea. Like Dr. Belleauxs' laboratory, for instance.
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