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Space Quest 6 Design Sketches
ChesbroWhen designing the Space Quest 5 chapter for this site I found myself being pretty low on inspiration. After sitting behind my computer for about four hours, with nothing more but an empty screen in front of me with the title: "The Space Quest 5 Character Database", I decided it just wasn't my lucky day. I did what every warm-blooded Space Quester would do after finding himself completely inspiration-less: Search around the big ol' Sierra box! That is, if you have one. And lucky me, I do have one! Anyway, I found a little paper with an e-mail address written on it. It happened to be from a Sierra employee (I'm not allowed to use his real name, so I just call him Billy Jo McKay from now on).

I knew Bill (we got informal with each other) was involved in the character design for Space Quest 6 back in the early days, so I thought "Maybe this guy has something for my site? Something to attract a visitor or two to that internet shit-hole called SpaceQuest.Net". So I mailed him and asked for any design sketches or other neat Space Quest stuff he might have lying around.

After a couple of days he mailed back, saying that he had character design sketches right there with him! He was going to scan them for me, but only if I never told anybody about his name and his whereabouts. I agreed, and I received these beautiful sketches soon afterwards.

Or.... Did I just take them from the Official Space Quest 6 hint book written by John Sauer? Who cares, anyway? I'll let YOU be the judge of that. Enjoy, guys and gals; The Official Space Quest 6 Character Design Sketches!

Stellar Santiago (32,9 KB)
(31,2 KB)
Magnum Opus (30,6 KB)
Pa Conshohocken (30,1 KB)
Dr. Beleauxs (24,2 KB)
Elmo Pug (21,5 KB)
The Orion's Belt Bartender (15 KB)
The Waitron (22,6 KB)
A Passing Robot (26,6 KB)

Djurkwad (41,7 KB)
Blaine Rhomer
(19,2 KB)
The Deepship 86 Shuttle (15,2 KB)
Jebba the Hop (22,3 KB)
Circuit Sidney
(24,1 KB)
Dorff and co (23,6 KB)
Sharpei, aka Sape (32,1 KB)
Nigel Rancid (37,3 KB)


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