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Space Quest 6 Cameo Appearances > A cameo appearance is a brief appearance of a well-known or notable person. Space Quest 6 is chockfull of them and they are all listed in this page.


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Space Quest 6 Cameo Appearances
R2D2 from the Star Wars-movies has been reduced to a GenBlood-blender in Fester's "Implants-N-Stuff".

ET & RogerE.T. is sitting in Boot Liquor on Polysorbate LX. For laugh, click on him with your HAND icon several times.

The gravedigger at Stellar's funeral is also the gravedigger at St. Louis Cemetery 1 in "Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers".

The posters on the wall in Nigel and Singent's apartment also contain a few cameos. For instance, there's a poster for GABRIEL NORTON, a sewer worker who doubles as a psychic investigator. Also, there's an alien lounging atop a time pod. Look up in your Space Quest 4 Space Piston issue - the centerfold features the same babe.

The shuttles in the DeepShip shuttlebay are all parodies of some popular science fiction material.
- The ship in the bottom right row is a marine dropship from the Alien movies.
- A Star Trek-shuttle (with the unmistakeable NCC-1701D insignia) is located in the middle of the left row.
- The shuttle in the upper left corner could be from Battlestar Galactica.
- The red shuttle in the bottom-right corner is "Shuttle 2" from the old TV-series, "Thunderbirds".
- The Star Wars-shuttle to the left.

When you escape the DeepShip in the StarCon shuttle, several "Star Wars" Storm Troopers (relabelled "Storm Poopers") crawl out from everywhere to stop you, just like they tried to do with the Millenium Falcon in the 4th Star Wars episode.

The alien from the Ridley Scott's sci-fi thriller "Alien" pops up after Wriggley (pun intended, I guess) helps you with re-firing the shuttle's engines.

Pelvis - The LegendElvis sometimes pops up in 8-Rear. He is also the victim of a poster manipulation in Nigel and Singents appartment. However, he has been re-labelled "Pelvis Brelsford - The Rock'n'Roll Programming Sensation." Scott Murphy adds: "The Pelvis Brelsford poster was fun being had at the expense of Oliver Brelsford, our third and final Project Manager on SQ6. Oliver already had some SQ background from his tour of programming duty on SQ4. Well, maybe it was a tribute. One of the great things about Oliver as a project Manager is that he has very, very high caloric needs so he always makes sure we have as much food and junk as we need to get through those long, long days and nights."

Laurel and Hardy are disguised as guard nanites near the entrance to the brain.

Elton John appears during the transformation of Magnum in the shuttlebay entrance. However, the song he is singing is not an Elton John song, but in fact, the title music from KQ6, "Girl in the Tower". The original piece was only available on the CD-ROM version of KQ6. The frog from Loony Tunes also appear, with its cane and top hat, singing "Hello my baby, hello my honey...", when Magnum transforms. The frog appears in the Warner Bros. cartoon, "One Froggy Evening".

The Road Runner gets a mention in cyberspace. You can see the unmistakable bowl of "Free Bird Seed" below a huge rock.

The Tyrell Corporation from "Blade Runner" is visible through the window in the Dew Beam Inn (after you've taken the elevator up). There's also a Blade Runner-advertising ship flying by when you first enter the apartment terrace (y'know, the ones that keep saying: "Time to start a new life in the colony worlds!")


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