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Space Quest 6 Credits > Fight grime and battle evil adversaries with Roger as he joins farces with video games, TV and sci-fi movies, past and present - in his wildest adventure ever.


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Space Quest 6 Credits

Executive producers: Craig Alexander and Jerry Bowerman

Designed by: Josh Mandel and Scott Murphy

Written by: Josh Mandel and Scott Murphy

Programmers: Steve Conrad, William Shockley, Michael Lytton, Arijit De, Sterling Butts and Oliver Brelsford

Art design: Michael Hutchison and John Shroades

Artists: John Shroades and Chris Willis (Background art). Michael Hutchison, Deanna Yhalkee, Karin Nestor, Frankie Powell and Barry Sundt (Animators). Chris Willis, Jason Piel, Alberto Eufrasio and Jason Zayas (additional animation).Chris Willis and Michael Hutchison (3D art)

Music direction: Dan Kehler Music: Dan Kehler and Neil Grandstaff Testing: Mike Jones, Sharon Simmons, John Trauger, John Ratcliffe and Lynne Dayton

System development: Larry Scott, Ed Critchlow, Dan Foy, Ken Koch, Terry McHenry, Chris Smith, Greg Tomko-Pavia and Mark Wilden

Manual: Leslie S. Balfour, Lori Lucia, Josh Mandel and Scott Murphy

Voice Credits: (the voice credits as listed in the manual is INCORRECT. The list from the game seems to be more correct.)
Gary Owens Narrator
William Hall Roger Wilco, DeepShip 86 Computer, Cyberspace and the Director
Carol Bach Y Rita Stellar Santiago, Sharpei, Wriggley and Sys Inny
Jarion Monroe Doctor Beleauxs, Commander Kielbasa, Blaine Rohmer and Admiral Toolman
Tom Chantler Endodroid, Singent Flembukit and Nigel Rancid
Joe Paulino Djurkwhad, Dorff, Fester Blatz and Manuel Auxveride
Charles Martinet Pa Conshohocken and P'tooie
Doug Boyd Elmo Pug and Circuit Sidney
Lucille Bliss The Waitron
Denny Delk Jebba the Hop
Scott Murphy Himself


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