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Space Quest 2 Inventory Items > This page describes the inventory items of Space Quest 2 and includes information on their location and usage. You might not want to see the information below if you're new to the game.

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A Dialect TranslatorThe dialect translator is a small device. It is currently on. You already have it when the game starts. Used for talking with the pinkunz aliens.

Order FormThis is an order form you removed from a magazine for a free Labion Terror Beast Mating Whistle. It's ready to be mailed. You already have it when the game starts.

Cubix Rube PuzzleThis Cubix Rube puzzle has made you look stupid more than usual. Found inside the locker of the airlock and used to distract the Labion Terror Beast.

Athletic SupporterThis is your athletic supporter. Without close inspection you notice it to be well used. Found inside the locker of the airlock. You can use it to sling the rock to the apemen guard.

A KeycardIt looks like your average keycard. Found on a dead apemen guard. Used to open the platform elevator.

An Unopened SporeThis is one of the unopened spores. Found on the ground by the mailbox. You can throw it at the hunter.

Red BerriesThe strange red berries pack a very pungent aroma. Found on the bushes by the root monster. Used to pass the swamp creature by rubbing them on your body.

Mating Call WhistleThe whistle is usual looking. Found in the mailbox after mailing the form. You can use it to call the Terror Beast.

A Glowing GemThe glowing gem provides a gentle illumination. Found in the underwater cavern. Used in the Labion caves.

A Brass KeyThis key looks to be made rather crudely. Found inside the hunter's pocket. Used to unlock the cage door.

A Short RopeIt's a relatively short rope made from rough hemp. Found near the cage. Used to climb down the chasm.

A StoneIt looks like an ordinary stone. Found near the Terror Beast's opening. Used to sling at the guard.

Toilet PaperThese are a few sheets of pumice-quality toilet paper. Found in the bathroom on level 4 of Vohaul's Asteroid Fortress. Used to make a fire.

A Glass CutterThe glass cutter looks like it's seen a lot of use. Found on level 4 of Vohaul's Asteroid Fortress. Used to escape the glass jar.

Standard Issue PlungerThis is a standard issue plunger. Found on level 3 of Vohaul's Asteroid Fortress. Used to survive the trap.

A Sic LighterThe Sic lighter is almost empty. Found on level 5 of Vohaul's Asteroid Fortress. Used to make a fire.

A Waste BasketThis is an empty waste basket. Found on level 5 of Vohaul's Asteroid Fortress. You can put the toilet paper in it.

An Oxygen MaskThis is an emergency oxygen mask. Found in the tube passage. Used to pass the passage without dying.

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