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Space Quest 2 Official Hint Book > Being stuck on a puzzle for too long is frustrating. On this page you won't find a walk through but the hints from the official hint book. A hint doesn't spoil the game like a walk through does.

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Space Quest 2 Official Hint Book
The Space Quest 2 HintbookThis page is about the official Space Quest 2 hintbook, released by Sierra in 1987. The hintbook is of the usual Sierra hint book size, namely 15 x 11.5 centimeters. There are actually two versions out there. One is the older hint book system - with marker pen - and the other is the "adventure window" version. Dispite the different versions, the content is identical and they have the same amount of pages, namely 46. Sierra released a newer version of the hint book to meet customer demand, who were dreading the hint pen version. A funny note: the hintbook is written by Roberta Williams (designer of King's Quest).

General Questions
Aboard Xenon Orbital Station 4
The Planet Labion
Sludge Vohaul's Asteroid Fortress

Scans: cover closeup (80 KB) - after the end of the game section (80 KB) - cover of the hint pen version (12 KB) - general questions section (hint pen version) (36 KB)


General Questions

All I do is wander around! There must be more to an adventure game than this?!
- "Look" a lot. Perhaps you'll get a hint. Look for things lying around and take them with you. Every item you can "get" has a purpose and is used for something.
- Thoroughly explore and search each area you come upon. "Search" is a useful word in this game; for instance, "search the space shuttle". Look for clues in the pictures. Read the text windows carefully.
Save your game a lot, especially when it seems that you're entering a dangerous area. That way, if you die, you don't have to retrace your steps much.
- Map your progress on a piece of paper, Write down observations or points of interest on your map to help you remember.

This game is too fast! This game is too slow!
- On some computers, you can type "slow", "normal", "fast", or "fastest" to change speeds, or you can sue the pull-down menus to set speeds (See the reference card for your computer). Scenes with lots of animation may run at "normal" speed even in "fast" mode.

How do I "see" the items I'm carrying?
- Just type "look" and the name of the item. Or, you can use the pull-down menus to look at an object.

How do I "drop" items?
- You don't. You're going to need everything you find. However, in "using" some items you can thus consume or consolidate them.

Am I the only one who keeps "failing in my quest"? I'm tired of starting all over again from the beginning of the game. What am I doing wrong?
- Nothing. Everyone "fails" a lot in adventure games. That is one reason it's so satisfying to finally solve one. Your problem is you're not "saving" your game as you progress. Adventure games are designed to be saves periodically so you don't have to start from the beginning every time you make a mistake.
- Look on your reference card for instructions on how to "save" a game on your particular computer.
- Once you know how to "save" a game, save it a lot, especially right before you think something might happen to you, or you want to try something risky. The more"saved games" you have (especially recent ones), the less you have to backtrack.

Where does your character put all that stuff he's carrying?
- Either the same place Superman puts his street clothes, or in extremely roomy pockets!

Aboard Xenon Orbital Station 4

I found space goo on the walls! How do I clean it off?
- This is an example of a fake question. I put it here to see if you'd fall for it. And... you did!
- Why are you still reading this? I told you that this was a phony question!
- In fact, there isn't even space goo in this game!
- Yuck! Space goo. Be glad it's not in this game!
- This just shows that even lots of answers don't validate a fake question.
- You must promise to not go around reading all the answers like this! Even a long answer like this one could well be a phony. Even a seemingly logical question could be wrong. From now on you'll be better, won't you? Good!

The beeper on my wristwatch went off. What do I do with it?
- Did you try "looking" at the wristwatch?
- "Look" at the wristwatch and you will see a close-up view of it. You will see three buttons on the watch. "C" is the important button. Press the "C" button (which stand for "com-link"). Press the other two for laughs.

Can I ever get my broom back once I lose it?
- Why would you want to? Sweeping is such tedious work.
- You have better things to do than that!
- No, you don't. It's not important.

How do I get inside the orbital station? I can walk all around it, but I don't know how to get in.
- Never fear! Roberta's here! See that red disk on the ceiling...
- Walk up the wall to the wall to the ceiling and then to the red disk. Walk to the center of the red disk and see what happens.

I changed into the clothes that I found in the air lock chamber. Do I ever need the space suit again?
- Not as far as I know.
- But seriously, no you don't. The clothes you're wearing are much more important.
- Make sure you search the pockets of the clothes. You'll find something you need there; an order form for three Labion Terror Beast Mating Whistle.

What do I do with the lockers?
- What do people normally do with lockers? Open them!
- If you don't open the lockers you will be sorry later in the game.
- You'll find a Cubix Rube Puzzle and your athletic supporter in the locker.

How do I solve the Cubix Rube Puzzle?
- Hmmm! That one's tricky. I don't think I have that answer for you. Let me ask Scott and Mark.
- Okay! I've got the answer for you! You don't need to solve the puzzle. Let someone else do it later in the game, instead.

Should I wear the athletic supporter?
- Stop! I'm blushing!!
- I really think that's a personal decision.
- No, I'm just kidding. Actually, the athletic supporter has a better use than being worn by you. It's made of elastic and stretches, ya know.
- The athletic supporter could be used as a sling. Hey, now there's a novel idea!

What do I do with the order form? Do I mail it somewhere?
- Yes, you could say that. But not here.
- You'll find a mailbox later in the game.

How do I use the dialect translator?
- You can't use it right now.
- Be patient. The time will come. It will be apparent when you need to use it.

Do I do anything with the people in the transportation control room?
- They're awfully busy. I don't think they're interested in you.
- You could try talking to them, but you won't be happy with the results.

I'm in the transportation control room. I see a transport tube above me. Problem is, I don't know how to get there.
- Have you explored all corners of the room?
- See the yellow and black striped pad on the floor? Go there.

Is there any way to avoid the space thugs in the shuttle?
- Not if you want to complete the game!

The Planet Labion

I crashed in a forest with two guards in a hovercraft. They're dead and I hear a beeping noise. What is that noise?
- The beeping is coming from the crashed hovercraft.
- It would be wise to turn off the beeping sound.
- Search the hovercraft. You will discover a button. Press the button and the beeping will stop. The beeping is a homing device.

Do I do anything with the dead guards by the crashed hovercraft?
- Yes, you do something with one of them. No funny stuff, though.
- Try search them.
- You will find that one of the guards has a keycard in his pocket. Take it.

How do I get past the man-eating flower?
- What man-eating flower?
- Is there a man-eating flower in this game? Gee, I must have missed it!
- Ha! I got you! There is no man-eating flower. You got caught by a fake question!

I see three giant mushrooms! What do I do with them?
- Nothing.
- Stay far away from them, they are dangerous... and hungry!
- The mushroom are nothing but traps. Best to avoid them.

A guard in a hovercraft keeps shooting me! How can I avoid him?
- You need to be out of sight.
- Hide behind something so he can't see you.
- Hide behind a large tree trunk right away!
- If you hide behind the tree trunk, he guard won't see you and will go away from here. He won't come back.

I got a text message about hearing a TWANG and a SHRIEK nearby. What is that?
- Have you thoroughly searched the surrounding area?
- It is very important that you find the source of that shriek.
- Go east from the place where you encountered the guard in the hovercraft. You will discover a little pink alien in dire trouble.
- Help the little pink alien.
- Untie the little pink alien from his trap. He will repay this kindness later.

I see the mailbox! Now do I mail my order form?
- Good guess! That's using the old noodle.
- Need I say more.

I blow my Albino Terror Beast Mating Whistle but nothing happens.
- You must not be in the right place. You don't meet Labion Terror Beasts around every corner, you know.

I found some spores on the ground. What do I do with them?
- I think it would be wise to get one. Be careful not to open it.
- When opened, the spores will cause paralysis upon beings who come in contact with them.

How do I keep the trees from grabbing me in the scary forest?
- Are you sure you're playing Space Quest II and not King's Quest IV?
- I think I recall there being a scary forest with grabbing trees in King's Quest IV.
- Okay. I think by now you know that this is another phony question.
- Gotcha, didn't I!

Help! The root monster keeps grabbing me!
- You're going to have to slow down here, and I mean real slow.
- Put yourself in "slow mode". You'll never make it through the root monster maze if you don't.
- Not only put yourself in "slow mode" but also save your game frequently as you make your way through the maze.
- Put yourself in "slow mode" and save your game frequently as you go through the root maze. The object is to reach the berry bushes in the back of the picture.

I finally made it through the root monster maze but I can't go anywhere. I'm stuck!
- See the berry bushes in the back of the picture...
- I suppose you could pick some berries while you are here.
- The objective is to pick the berries from the bushes. Unfortunately, after that, your only choice is to go back the way you came - through the root monster maze.

I want to cross the swamp but a swamp monster keeps attacking me!
- You can't outrun the swamp monster.
- You can't outsmart the swamp monster.
- You're going to have to become disagreeable to the swamp monster.
- Did you happen to observe the little pink alien rubbing berries on himself?
- You know those berries you picked by the root monster? Well, rub the berries on yourself.
- The smell and the taste of the berries is so bad that if you rub the berries on yourself the swamp monster won't want you.

I accidentally found a deep part of the swamp. Is that significant?
- It sure is, honey!
- The dark part leads down through an underwater tunnel to an underground cavern. It's important that you get to the underground cavern.

When I dive under the water at the deep part of the swamp, I can only swim down so far before I run out of air and die. What gives?
- What do you usually do before diving down into water?
- I don't know about you, but I usually hold my breath.
- "Hold your breath" before diving under water. Then swim straight there.

I see a glowing gem in the underground cavern! Should I get it?
- That's a darn good idea!
- Yes. Remember that it's glowing.

I'm at the edge of a deep fissure (crack in the ground). How do I cross it?
- See that dead tree at the edge of the fissure...
- Climb the tree and see what happens.

Should I hitch a ride with the little purple droid?
- Seeing thing again?
- You never learn, do you?
- There is no little purple droid!
- Now, don't read another phony question!

How can I avoid getting caught be the snares in the tress?
- That's not the idea.
- You are supposed to get caught by the snares.
- The game cannot continue unless you are caught by the snares.

Okay! I can get the hunter to walk over to me while I'm in the cage. Now what do I do?
- You need the hunter's help.
- Get the hunter to come over to you while you are in the cage.
- Call the hunter to you.
- You will need to call the hunter twice. The first time he will not approach you. The second time he will.

Help! I found myself locked in a cage and I can't get out!
- You need to immobilize the hunter.
- Remember the spore?
- Throw the spore at the hunter. He will be paralyzed.
- Paralyze the hunter while he is standing in front of you at the cage be throwing the spore at him. Then search his pockets and find a key. Unlock the cage. Hurry, though!

I found a cliff and can see the landing platform off in the distance. Problem is - a guard keeps shooting me in a hovercraft!
- Don't linger here.
- There's really nothing to do here, anyway.
- The real answer is, though, that the guard in the hovercraft will only come and shoot you if you go up higher in the picture. As long as you stay down toward the bottom of the screen he will not show up.

Well, I've seem to have explored everywhere. I don't know where to go now.
- Remember the fissure (large crack in the ground)...?
- You can climb down into the fissure.
- Tie the rope to the log that has fallen over the fissure. Climb down the rope. You should have gotten the rope from beside the cage.

Help me! I'm hanging at the end of a rope! I see a fierce beast on one side of me and a ledge on the other. I don't know what to do!
- Try swinging the rope.
- You need to get to the safe ledge!

Either I let go of the rope too soon and fall to my death, or the beast gets me! How do I get to that ledge?!
- Save your game right before you swing the rope. Then watch the pattern of the swing and the beast's swipes to be able to determine the best time to let go of the rope.
- Notice that the beast will swipe at you three times before he finally gets you.
- Let go of the rope at the end of your swing after the beast has swiped at you one to three times.

I'm in a dark cave. I can't see anything. I need a light!
- You're right! You definitely need a source of light!
- It would help to use something that is glowing.
- You should have a glowing gem with you.
- The glowing gem is found in the underground cavern below the deep part of the swamp (see question about the deep part of the swamp).
- If you have the glowing gem, say "use glowing gem". The gem is not glowing because you had put it in your pockets. When you take it out you can see where you're going.

How do I keep the sand worms from getting me?
- You poor dear. I think you're confused with Space Quest 1.
- Now go back and look at the box. See, you're playing Space Quest 2.
- Sand worms are in Space Quest 1. Got it!
- And you just got suckered in by another fake question!

Some little pink aliens keep slinging rocks at me and killing me! How can I get past them?!
- It's too late now. You can't get past them.
- You should have done something earlier in the game. Remember the TWANG and the SHRIEK...?
- After hearing the TWANG and the SHRIEK earlier in the game you should have found a little pink alien caught in a snare. You should have untied him from the snare. If you had done that, then they would not kill you now.

The little pink aliens told me they would show me the way out of their canyon; but I can't make them do it!
- Did you say "pretty please"?
- No, I'm just kidding. That's not the answer. Remember, they told you to just say the word when you want to leave the canyon.
- The little pink aliens told you to say the word when you want to leave the canyon. Well, type in "say the word".

I'm in another dark cave! How can I get through it?
- Again, you need the glowing gem.
- This time, you can't hold the glowing gem in your hand.
- You must "hold the glowing gem in mouth" as you need your hands to crawl through this maze of tunnels.
- Can't find the exit of the maze? Don't worry, click here for a map.

I found myself in a wonderful underground cavern with lost of waterfalls! Do I do anything here?
- No, not really.
- Just enjoy the sights and then continue on to the east.

I see some tunnels of water. Which way do I go?
- I would suggest saving your game and then experimenting to see which way to go.
- However, if you want the answer then don't go down the left tunnel. That ill lead you to a steep waterfall and death.
- Take the right tunnel. That will send you through a whirlpool and ultimately out of the cave.

Okay, I made it to a clearing next to a pool of water. I see the landing platform nearby. Problem is - I'm stuck here! How do I get out?
- I hope you have the whistle.
- If you don't have the whistle then your out of luck.
- You should have gotten the whistle at the mailbox by mailing the order form you found in your pocket.

The spinning Terror Beats keeps killing me. How can I prevent this?
- Try running away or give him a present.
- Go into the pool of water and run to the west (change pictures). The Terror Beast will not follow you. He will not be there when you return. (However, this is the easy way out and will not yield many points)
- Throw the Cubix Rube Puzzle to the Labion Terror Beast.

I'm at the bottom of the landing platform. There is an alien guard here. Can I do anything to get past the guard?
- Try shooting him.
- With what, you wonder?
- First of all, stay hidden behind the bushes. If he sees you he will shoot you.
- Second, there is a little rock that you should have gotten as you went through the opening in the boulder that the Terror Beast made.
- Third, I hope you have the athletic supporter.
- Fourth, be sneaky and hide often.
- Fifth, "Sling the rock at the guard" with the athletic supporter. You will kill the guard that way.
- Also, if timing is good and you're quick, while he is going to the left you can walk right up under the platform and he will not see you. You can then divert his attention by throwing the little rock or calling to him.

I can't get the elevator at the bottom of the landing platform!
- Oh dear! I do hope you have the keycard.
- If you don't have the keycard then tough luck.
- The keycard is to be found on the body of one of the alien guards that crashed with you in the hovercraft. "Search" his body for it.
- You must insert the keycard into the slot next to the elevator door.

How do I keep from falling off the edge of the landing platform?
- Slow down.
- Put yourself in "slow mode".

I can't get in the shuttle!
- Go around to the back of the shuttle.
- Go to the back of the shuttle. Get real close to it. Say "open the door". Enter the shuttle.

Now that I'm in the shuttle, how do I fly it?
- First "look" at the shuttle. You'll get some clues there.
- "Look" at the console of the shuttle. You'll learn that there is a power button, an altitude dial, and an ascent thruster button.
- First, press the power button. Next, turn the altitude dial and then press the ascent thruster button. Use the up and down arrows on your keyboard (or joystick) to control the up or down arrows of the shuttle. Hint - the "up" arrow will actually take you "down" and the "down" arrow will really take you "up".

Can I avoid getting nabbed by Sludge Vohaul when I'm flying the shuttle?
- No, you can't
- You wouldn't want to anyway, because that is part of the game.

Sludge Vohaul's Asteroid Fortress

Help! I keep falling off the edge of the elevated walkways?
- Going slower would help.
- Put yourself in "slow mode" when you are in places such as this. It is much easier to guide yourself when you are going more slowly.

I'm in a hallway caught between two barriers and a trap door is opening under me! There is a pool of sulphuric acid under the trap door! Help!
- Maybe you should search for other areas of the fortress first.
- I'm if you do not have the plunger you're out of luck.
- You need to find the plunger. The plunger is on level three.
- Once you have the plunger, you need to stick it on the wall of the barrier. Say "stick plunger on wall". You will hold on to the plunger as the trap door opens.

How do I keep the floor waxer from running me down?
- The only thing you can do is to quickly go the other way.
- Go to the nearest elevator and enter ti. The floor waxer will go on by.

A black and white polka-dot robot is after me! Help!!
- I don't know about a black polka-dot robot. How about a purple and green striped one?
- No wait! How about an orange, blue and pink plaid one?
- No! Even better! How about a mauve, lemon-yellow, chartreuse and hot pink paisley one?!!
- I hope you realize that this is a fake question.

I'm in a hallway on level three but I don't know what to do here.
- You're looking for a closet.
- You will see a door in the wall of the hallway. There will be a button next to the door.
- Press the button next to the door. The door will open. Enter it. You will see that it is a closet. "Look" in the closet. You will discover a plunger. Get it.

I'm in a hallway on level four but I don't know what to do here, either!
- Your looking for a closet and a bathroom on this level.
- You will see a couple of doors with white figures on them. Those are the bathroom doors. Push the button next to the doors to open them.
- There will be another door by itself with a button next to it. Push the button to open the door. It us a closet. "Look" in the closet and discover a glass cutter. Get it.

I'm in a bathroom on level four. Am I supposed to do something in here?
- What do people normally do in bathrooms?!
- Oh, excuse me. I thought you meant something else (embarrassed).
- "Look" in the empty stall. There is toilet paper there. Get it.

What am I supposed to do on level five?
- You are looking for another closet on this level.
- Look for a door in the wall of the hallway. There will be a button next to the door.
- Open the closet door by pressing the button. Enter the closet and say "look in the closet". You will find a waste basket and dirty overalls. Get the basket and the overalls. A lighter will fall out of he overall. Get the lighter.

A spiny alien kissed me! Is that okay?
- Do you normally go around kissing spiny aliens? I'm really worried about you!
- I really don't think that letting spiny aliens kiss you is a good idea!
- Do you recall the movie "Alien"?
- You know what happened to people in that movie, don't you? Well, it's too gruesome to talk about. Suffice it to say, it's not a good idea to let the spiny alien kiss you.

Okay, I covered levels three, four and five. Now where do I go?
- Back to level one.
- Back to level one and deal with the barrier and the trap door.

What do I do with the pink blob?
- Here a blob. There a blob. Everywhere a blob, blob.
- Are you seeing things again?
- I don't think that there's a blob in this game. How about a thing?
- Yep, that's right! This is another phony question.

I encountered a room of nasty red robots! How do I get past them?
- You cannot explore the hallway further until you get rid of the red robots (wallbots).
- "Look" at the ceiling.
- Hint - you use the waste basket, the toilet paper and the lighter.
- In the middle room between the two red robots drop the waste basket and put paper in basket and then light the paper with the lighter. Watch and see what happens!

Sludge Vohaul miniaturized me! Can he get away with this?!
- He can and he does!
- Unfortunately, there's nothing you can do about it.
- It's part of the game.

I'm in a glass jar! Get me out of here!
- Do you have a glass cutter?
- If you don't, so sorry.
- The glass cutter is in the closet on level four.
- Use the glass cutter to get out of the jar.

Whew! I'm out of the glass jar. Where do I go from here?
- "Look" around. What do you see?
- You are on top of the machine that is Sludge Vohaul's life support system. There are vents nearby.
- Enter the vents.

Now I'm inside Sludge Vohaul's life support machine. What am I supposed to do in here?
- Look very carefully at all the mechanisms here.
- Do you see something behind the pumping respirator?
- There is a red button behind the pumping respirator. Push it. That will stop the machine and kill Sludge Vohaul.

Sludge Vohaul pushed a button before he died. What was that?
- When Vohaul did that he started a timer which, when the timer runs out, will launch the clone door-to-door life insurance salesmen to infest Xenon. The timer is only about 7 minutes, so you had better hurry to stop it!
- Vohaul also started, at the same time, a timer which, when it runs out, will cause the asteroid you are currently on to burn up on the planet Labion's atmosphere. This timer is longer, though. It is about 40 minutes long. Basically, you should target to be off the asteroid within 40 minutes or you'll obviously die.

I want to be my normal size again! Help!
- From the glass jar, walk to the left to the next picture. There you will see a computer screen and a keyboard. "Look" around.
- You will see an off and on switch next to the computer keyboard. Lower the switch to "on". That action will turn on the reducing or enlarging mechanism. Obviously choose "enlarge". Then go back to the glass jar to become re-enlarged.

Now that I'm my normal size again, do I do with the dead Sludge Vohaul?
- Well, the first thing you should do is "Search" his body.
- In searching his body you will discover the letters SHSR written in pen on his hand.
- Notice that one of the computer screens is blinking "Look" at it.
- Type SHSR into the computer keyboard. That will stop the launch of the clone door-to-door life insurance salesmen infestation of Xenon (if you did it before the timer was up, anyway).

All right, I aborted the clone launch. Now where do I go?
- See the stairs going up to the right...

I'm in the clear tubular passage. As I walk along it, cracks appear and I die from lack of oxygen. How can I avoid the this?
- When you first enter the clear tubular passage, "look" around.
- When you "look" you will notice a red box. "Look" at the box.
- The red box is an oxygen mask receptacle. "Open" the box. Get the oxygen mask and wear it right away.

I see the escape pods but a long biped robot protects them. How can I get rid of the robot?
- Quickly do the following. "Push button" and return to the hallway. Go through three rooms while the biped robot follows and return to the hallway through the doors and the robot will have lost interest and return to the pod room.
- Go to the escape pods. The two-legged robot will begin to follow you. Go the other way and keep going that direction without stopping. The robot will follow you. You will outdistance the robot and arrive back at the escape pods before it does.

The biped robot keeps killing me before I can enter the escape pod.
- When arriving back at the pod, quickly press the button and enter the escape pod. Once you enter the pod, you are safe from the robot.

Okay, I'm in the escape pod. Now what?
- Now "look" in the pod and see what you see.
- You will see a panel in the escape pod when you "look' at the pod. "Looking" at the panel will reveal a launch button. Press the button and you will take off.

Oh no! I'm running out of air in the escape pod!
- You only have a couple of minutes before the pod runs out of air. The oxygen mask will not help.
- Just say "look pod" again. Now a sleep chamber will be revealed to you. Go over to the sleep chamber and say "open the chamber". The sleep chamber will open and you can enter it. That action will put you in a deep sleep and you will end the game with hopes that someone will pick you up. But, you saves Xenon from clone door-to-door life insurance salesmen infestation. Congratulations!



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