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Space Quest 7 Design Sketches > SpaceQuest.Net is very proud to exclusively bring you twenty-two awesome drawings Richard Powell made during his work for the Space Quest 7 Project as Art Designer.

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Space Quest 7 Design Sketches
Richard PowellDuring the turbulent period in which Space Quest 7 was in production, many Space Quest fans showed doubts if the game would work out. The SQ7 team tried to implement a multiplayer aspect which raises a valid question: Does Space Quest and Multiplayer gaming mix? The fans also asked themselves if 3-d graphics was the right way to go. After all, many fans - old as new - were still stuck in the 256 colour VGA era. Add to this the fact that Sierra was going through some very rough weather. How was it possible that SQ7, with all its problems, could have been a worthy addition to the Series?

Well Richard Powell, concept artist for the Space Quest 7 project, did everything he could to make the game a success. Rich had drawn an impressive amount of pictures for Space Quest 7 in the relatively short time the project was in production. He kindly agreed to share his awesome work with SpaceQuest.Net. His sketches are scanned and then compressed into super JPG quality. The size of the images might be a bit big, but I wanted to make sure every detail was preserved. I've separated the images into six categories for easy reference. Look at them and convince yourself that Space Quest 7 would have been a success if it had seen the light of day.

For more work of Richard Powell, please visit his website.


Hoverboard and RayGun (104 KB)
Snazzy Ray Guns (80 KB)
The Obsolete Acres Shuttle (100 KB)



The Disco/Bar (136 KB)
The Flea Bag Hotel (80 KB)
Downtown (48 KB)



Arnaut (100 KB)
French Droid (84 KB)
Robo Pup (56 KB)
Sheriff Robo (36 KB)
Sheriff Robo 2 (108 KB)


Bimbo (88 KB)
Buschemi Pawnbroker (122 KB)
Buschemi Pawnbroker 2 (84 KB)
Hookers (116 KB)
Mad Scientists (116 KB)
Punks (84 KB)
Punk, Female (92 KB)
Tammi (108 KB)
Various Characters (108 KB)
You Know Who, but it ain't Voldemort (108 KB)


Bar Characters:

Another Bar Patron (52 KB)
Bar Patron (72 KB)
Bar Patrons (80 KB)
Bar Patron #3 (40 KB)
Brant (92 KB)
Cafe Customer (100 KB)
Cafe Customer 2 (60 KB)


Alien Beasts:

Leaper (116 KB)
Odorous Blairnt
(92 KB)
Rubber Tree (108 KB)
Scrubbing Bubble
(84 KB)


All original content (c) 2018 Brandon Blume & Troels Pleimert. All Space Quest related material (c) by Sierra Entertainment.